Every Single Person Who is Reading this Should Watch this Video!

The 'Look Up' video is spreading like wildfire – and what a valuable message to spread!

“This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut”

What a true statement! It is very interesting after watching this video to think about how society has named ‘Social networking’ and ‘Social media’. The truth that has just been brought to our attention is – there is nothing social whatsoever about the type of networking/media we involve ourselves with all day long.

This video is especially important for the youth of tomorrow – Not only has this social media empire taken over our lives – imagine what it is doing to our children. The way we act, sit and scroll all day is what our children are seeing and understanding as the norm. This is clearly pointing these young brains in the wrong direction completely.

As I was watching the video I couldn’t help but think back to a very famous quote from Albert Einstein (below).

It is unbelievable that a statement like the one above, made by somebody born 135 years ago, can be so on relevant. This is exactly what’s happening, in front of our eyes, and we are all slaves to it. I am one of the worst culprits of all when it comes to spending WAY too much time on my social networks and this video affected me quite a lot.

Our Smartphone’s have – and continue to – take over all aspects of human interaction that we have. Going to someone’s house and knocking on the door has been obsolete ever since the mobile phone came out and we had an option to call. Going to a restaurant – we call for delivery. A visit to the library –we have Google. Even asking for directions is unnecessary now we have Google Maps! So when exactly are we forced to engage in human interaction?! In this day and age you can literally – work – eat – and fully function from home. I am happy this video has come out and I hope it continues to spread throughout the internet because the powerful message it expresses is something that we need desperately, and I hope everyone who watches it will make a change. If not for us, for the next generations’ sake.


I will finish off with some shocking facts to make you realize how obsessed the world truly is with social media. And I’m not talking about just our generation – I’m talking about ALL ages.

  • The fastest growing demographic on twitter is the 55-64 age bracket (which has grown 79% since 2012 – to show you how quickly this plague is taking over)
  • Every second 2 members join LinkedIn.
  • 25% of smartphone owners age 18-44 CAN NOT RECALL the last time they did not have their phone next to them. While 79% keep their phone with them ALL day excluding merely 2 hours.

And lastly:

  •  Social media has taken over porn as the No.1 activity on the web.

I hope you are scarred by these facts, and, if somehow you STILL think you are not guilty of this you are wrong – because you are reading this right now! So like the video says! Stop watching the video, stop reading this article – and GO OUTSIDE! SPEAK TO PEOPLE! SAVE THE CHILDREN!

Did this video make you rethink your social media habits? Comment below...