Everything You Need to Know About Putting in Two Weeks' Notice

If you have been offered another – and better – job elsewhere, it’s probably time to put in your two weeks’ notice. So what exactly do you need to do?

Being offered a new job while still employed at another company can be tricky to handle, to say the least, but first: congratulation on the new job! I bet you’re thrilled, especially if you were hoping for this opportunity to come your way.

Letting your boss know you are leaving, however, can be hard, so you need to be extra careful when handling this particularly awkward situation, both respectfully and gracefully. Who knows? They might even be happy for you.

Here are four steps to take while putting in your two weeks’ notice.

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#1 Tell Your Manager First

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Even if you have a really close relationship with some of your coworkers, you should always – always – tell your boss first that you’re leaving. Your work buddies might even be aware that you’ve been recently interviewing, but the most professional thing you can do right now is let your boss know first – and do it in person.

It’s certainly going to be a pretty nerve-wracking conversation, but if you keep it short and professional, it can’t be that bad. Depending on the relationship you have with your boss, you can go into his office or set up a meeting with them. Remember to close the door to keep your conversation private and start off by saying something like” “I have enjoyed so much working here but another opportunity came up and I have made the decision to accept it”.

If you’re lucky, your boss might even make a counteroffer, but if you still want to leave your job, let them know you made your decision and don’t forget to inform them of your last day at the office. Thank your boss for the opportunity, and discuss what your next steps are with them: how and to whom do you submit your resignation letter? When should you talk to HR? When should you tell your coworkers and clients you’re leaving?

#2 Tell Close Coworkers

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Once you’ve discussed your resignation this with your manager, you have to let your work friends, mentors, and coworkers know about your exit. You don’t want someone who was imperative to the growth and success of your career to hear from someone else that you’re leaving – these connections may prove valuable even in your next employment.

#3 Create a Transition Plan

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You have two weeks to prepare everything. Tie up loose ends and work out a plan to pass your responsibilities and duties on to someone else. Your manager might even assign you to find a replacement – something you can’t refuse. You’ll even need to offer your replacement guidance and assistance up until the very last minute.

#4 Have a Story Ready

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Be prepared to be bombarded by questions about your exit (like “Why are you going?” and “Where is your new job?”), so have a positive and brief story to tell everyone. “I had a wonderful time here but this opportunity came up and it will allow me to expand my skills in another way”. Avoid mentioning any negative things about your current employer, and handle these questions in a diplomatic way.

How did you go about putting in your two weeks’ notice? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!