How to Evolve Beyond an Employment-based Career Perception

For governments to preserve their public relations stature amongst their diplomatic partners, they tend to showcase their strengths by placing particular emphasis on their flawless reputation. And in the world of careers, many experts tend to place a lot of emphasis on how to succeed in job interviews and employment. Yet what we don’t realize is that for every winner, there’s a loser. And in a job market riddled with stiff competition, there’s bound to be a whole lot of frequent losers that quite frankly are tired of the employment rhetoric.

The Frustrations of Being the Unemployment Black Sheep
Though we hate to admit it, there are people who’ve actually quit looking for jobs. I mean, the rejection has become so frequent to the point where they’re convinced that they’re destined for unemployment. Yes, they’ve strategized and restrategized their approach towards getting hired, but they always end up in the unemployment percentage. It’s that plain and simple. And so, as long as they continue seeking for employment, they’re bound to suffer the frustrations of being the unemployment black sheep which are:

  • Depression and low self-esteem because of the frequent rejection.
  • The feeling of having being cheated by an educational curriculum that promised high employment prospects.
  • A limited mindset caged by the monopoly of solely succeeding through employment.
  • Isolation by friends, family and peers who are already succeeding through employment.
  • A feeling of being powerless and needy as one is tempted to think that their very existence is the problem.
  • No peace of mind as uncertainty grips their grim future.

Such frustrations are not easy to deal with particularly for those who are obsessed with success as defined by social standards. But with frequent failure, comes isolation. And such unemployment black sheep have got to seek alternatives that go beyond wallowing in misery. And for them to do that, they’ve got to effectively evolve beyond an employment-based career perception.

How then Does one Evolve Beyond an Employment-based Career Perception?
An employment based career perception largely involves doing things by the book like getting some skills in college, finding someone that needs them and thus using the opportunity to clinch a job. But if this doesn’t work for you in the long run, then it’s largely because your skills have either flooded the job market or that they’ve already become obsolete. Plus, you can’t simply go to back college because the bills keep piling up and you’ve got to find something meaningful to do that mainly revolves around entrepreneurial ventures. And so, to evolve beyond employment perceptions, you’ll have to:

#1 Re-educate Yourself Beyond the Formal Higher Education Parameters
To begin with, you’ve got to stop thinking of becoming useful solely by gaining academic credentials which is usually the basis of qualifying for employment. Remember, you’re looking for a means of turning your career fortunes around in a cost and time effective manner. And so, to amplify the dispensability of your current skills, you’ve got to dance to the tune of market gaps and niches. This can only happen if you gain insight into what is needed beforehand then venturing into it before you gain competitors. That’s how successful entrepreneurial ventures come about despite stiff competition in their respective niches.

#2 Be Open and Flexible Enough for Career Experimentation
Maybe your career is the problem altogether since it largely involves getting employed. And so, you’ll have to seek alternatives that will maximize your career potential based on your talents and personality. For instance, what if you’re trained as a pilot and you’ve not clinched any job for quite a while now? You then decide to experiment on related careers like being a mechanic. And then you realize that being a mechanic is more rewarding since you’re talented in handling cars. But what if you lack the resources to start an entrepreneurial venture?. Well, all is not lost since you can become a contractual freelancer or an intern that gains wealth of experience. However, the purpose here is to enhance skills and garner some resources to begin an independent venture in the near future.

#3 Liaise with those who Share in your Experience
As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Thus, in a bid to seek alternatives beyond employment, you’ve got to inquire from those who’ve walked in your shoes. Because as we all know, being an independent careerist isn’t a walk in the park. It involves a lot of risk particularly when it comes to starting a venture that’s relevant to the needs of a particular market. And so, in light of learning from the success and failures of others, you’ve got to liaise with like-minded careerists so as to boost prospects of succeeding beyond employment.

#4 Use your Failures and Imperfections as Blueprints to curve out a Passionate Career
Ultimately, it all boils down to experience since as we all know, experience is the best teacher. And since you’ve been exposed to quite a number of failures and disappointments, you’ve got to use them as stepping stones in curving out your convenient capabilities which might end up forming the basis of your next passionate career. All that’s needed of you is to change your attitude and perceive failures as perfect opportunities to redefine yourself and gain a whole new perspective that’s not limited by the prospects of employment probability.

For many unemployed people today, their careers are at a standpoint. And while some might clinch jobs very soon, others might never clinch any jobs at all. This is a crisis that has persisted for years now, it’s just that we love being optimistic despite the reality of unfavourable employment prospects. But in every crisis, an opportunity subliminally presents itself. As John F Kennedy once said, "When written in Chinese, the word ’crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity."

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