How to Expand Your Relationships with Your Colleagues

business man shaking hands

Some employees call the workplace home. Rightly so, most professionals spend much of their adult life at work. With this come several interactions and inevitable relationships. Several studies have shown that positive relations among employees lead to improved productivity and organizational performance. As such, the quality of relationships you have with your colleagues can make all break your career. Right from the first day of employment, you should strive to establish stronger bonds with your coworkers.

So, how do you do this?

Reach Out

If you want to make a friend, you must reach out to him and strike a conversation. Similarly, if you want to expand your relationships with your colleagues, you must constantly keep in touch. At the beginning of each workday, saying a simple “Good Morning” to that lady at the corner desk, or the tall guy – who might happen to be your supervisor – can make a significant contribution in creating stronger friendships. However, it is important to note that degree of socialism varies among people. Some don’t give a hoot about office relationships. If you encounter such a colleague, be sure to maintain your distance.

Can You Really Take a Bullet for Her?

Not quite literally, though! Like any other environment, the office has its ups and downs. Mistakes can occur – say a lady in your team accidentally sent an offensive email to your boss using the team’s email address. To make matters worse, the boss doesn’t take the matter lightly and calls all of you to his office. So, can you take the blame? If you do, she will always be indebted to you and you might forge a very strong working bond. But remember, do not do it too often. You might be putting your job on the line.

Remember their Birthdays

It’s Monday morning. Both employers and employees are shrugging off the weekend hangover and finding their way to work. Fortunately for you, the day doubles as your birthday. You get to the office and alas! Birthday cards all over your desk! Picture the excitement. Well, that is one of the oldest yet most effective ways of creating strong bonds at work. Show your colleagues that you care by remembering their birthdays. Mark it on your calendar or record them on your day. Oh, wait! Nowadays there are apps that remind us all sorts of things!

Help Out

There are times when people need time on their own to get their thoughts together. They could be going through emotional distress or something that keeps taking their mind off work. If you notice that a colleague is stressed, it might be the right time to take the opportunity and expand your relationship. Help out by completing their tasks for the day and let him rest. In future, you might also need some help. We all go through challenges in life.

Are You an Office Politician?

Politicians practice politics in political organizations, not commercial entities. If you love office politics, be careful as it can weaken your relationships with your colleagues. It is understandable that people have different interests and ambitions. Some employees will do anything, including stepping on everyone’s toes, to secure a promotion. When politics is rife in your workplace, the best you can do is to take a neutral position. If you must, keep it on the low. Or else, you risk destroying your relationships with colleagues who have opposite views.

Finally, keep in mind that different office setups require different strategies. Examine your office and determine the strategies that can work for you. Good luck!