Explaining Popular Culture to 60 y.o. (how to stay relative in the information era)

We have established at this point that we live in the information era. It’s a fluid constantly changing fractal tessellation of cat videos, 7 second vines and people seriously, but comically injuring themselves. It is difficult to keep up with the constantly changing landscape that has become indivisible from our personal life and more importantly our professional lives. How can you stay relative when if you blink that latest trend will pass you by? #howtostayrelative What? People don’t use hash tags anymore? Son of a…

The Belieber Twitter hero

Wow, that’s a chunk of esoteric social media laced information, but let me try to clarify. A Belieber is individual that thinks the high frequency screeching sounds coming out of popular Canadian hermaphrodite Justin Beiber’s mouth is music. Twitter is a place where people can express themselves in a concise 140 character-long phrases and people follow celebrities’ 140 character quips. This specific Belieber made it her life purpose to bring myriads of followers to Justin Beiber’s twitter page. Tragically this young woman passed away and became a trending topic on twitter.

The Gas Station Bathroom

200,000+ people have watched this 57 second video that revolves around a gas station bathroom. OK, its surprisingly luxurious but 200.000 people? Really?  It’s a bathroom with fancy lighting fixtures, magazines and according to the videographer smells amazingly like mint.

Hate talk is a staple of internet interactions

After multiple years of people fighting for racial, gender and minority equality the internet has given hatemongering a forum for expressing the true face of humanity. If you post anything, ANYTHING online you can expect an onslaught of every racial and sexist slur available. The biggest reason is probably because the internet allows anonymity. The strange twist to this phenomenon? The fact that most people that post are under the age of 17.


The average adult attention span since the advent of mass consumed media excrement has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. These videos might actually assist in this degradation. Vines are 7 second long videos of people doing ridiculous and seemingly comical things. These ‘comedic’ quips consist of racial, sexist and demeaning subject matter. I will post an hour long below but be warned the video is rude, explicit laced and offensive. At the same time try not to watch the whole thing. Go ahead I’ll wait.


This is another strange environment that lies within the internet. You take photos, add campy filters to them and then show the entire world! Here you can also follow people and let them scroll through your personal photos but you can also attach a friends name to photos and location, making stalking people so much easier and more efficient than before. Not that I would dress completely in black and watch my crush from the bushes.

Have you been passed over by the trend train and had to take the lame train to catch-up? Well let us know about your experience in the comment section below!


Image: iStock