How to Expose Lazy Employees

If you suspect that you have a lazy employee in your midst, you need to take action sooner rather than later. These types are no use to you and if anything, will weigh down the rest of the team. You need to expose the lazy and eliminate them from your workforce before irreparable damage is done.

Dangers of leaving a lazy employee in your team...

Usually, a lazy employee will avoid doing as much work as they can get away with. They will pawn off their duties onto others who they know will not answer back to them, and they will derail the progress of a project due to their sheer inability to get their own duties done within a given timeframe.

Team members will soon get agitated at the lack of interest and motivation from their lazy colleague, and it is likely that they will soon feel stressed, tired, and fed up of carrying the weight of another employee, for no added benefit.

How to expose a lazy employee

There are several tactics you can employ to catch lazy employees in the act. Here are some of the most effective tactics…

#1 Install a camera

By installing a camera at the entrance/exit doors of the office, you can keep track of staff arrival and departure times – even if you are not in work that day yourself! If you already have a clocking in and out system, make sure that no other person is able to ‘clock-in’ for another.

#2 Integrate ‘spy’ software

If you suspect the lazy employees are wasting the day browsing websites or shopping online rather than doing their actual work, then it is time to install some effective spy software onto their computers. Spectorsoft spy software is particularly effective and will enable you to ascertain who is wasting the most time on sites that are not related to work.

#3 Hire a mole

This approach is extreme yes, but effective nonetheless. You need to hire someone with the sole purpose of exposing employees who are lazy. This is usually done to expose employees who are stealing funds from a company but it can still be used to weed out those who are causing your business to flop.

#4 Undercover client

To get a true understanding of how the suspected lazy employee is treating your valued clients, you need to hire an undercover client. Just think ‘mystery shopper’ and you will get my drift. You need for a fake client to put the lazy employee’s skills and service to the test, then report back to you with the results.

#5 Keep track of lunch hours

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If you notice that certain employees are strolling back into work a good 10 minutes after their lunch hour is up, and this is happening every day, then you have reason to be concerned. Be sure to keep a note of how many times per week this happens, and write down how late the culprits are. Once you have enough information to go on, call them in for a serious meeting.

#6 Guardian software

When all else fails, install guardian software to block access to all sites you deem to be unacceptable in the workplace. The ore ‘fun’ sites you block (particularly social media), the easier it will be monitor the productivity of each employee.

#7 Doctor’s notes

If you do not offer medical insurance and visiting a doctor is not free where you live, then it might be impractical to demand a doctor’s note for being absent from work due to an illness. However, if the same person is re-offending (taking every Friday off work for example), then you need to request a genuine doctor’s note from them. This will hopefully deter any days off taken when not ill.

#8 Enforce deadlines

It is best to be strict and respected rather than liked and walked all over as a manager. If your lazy employees think they can get away with doing minimal work and missing deadlines, then they will – it’s their nature. You need to put a stop to it and enforce strict deadlines. Those who meet the deadlines can be awarded and those who do not will go without. Harsh, but fair.

#9 Schedule meetings in the morning and late afternoon

One way of seeing how motivated your staff are, is to set up meetings for early morning or late afternoon and see how actually turns up prepared and ready for the meeting. Lazy employees will likely cause a big fuss about the meeting times and request for rescheduling.

#10 Get rid of them

If you have exposed the lazy staff member and they have still not changed their ways, then it is time to make an example of them. You need to show the rest of your employees that you will not tolerate laziness and those who are, will be fired.

No one likes a lazy team member, and when jobs are scarce and competition is rife for employment, those who do not pull their weight should be let go to allow those who are hard working the chance to land a good job. Do you work with a lazy colleague? How do you cope?

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