Factors to Consider when Conducting an Interview

When conducting an interview there are certain factors that you need to bear in mind in order to ensure that your interview is as unique and productive as possible. Job interviews are the ideal opportunity to learn as much as you can about a potential employee, and establish whether or not you wish to hire that individual to work for your company.

When conducting an interview you should:

Keep an eye on the clock

Keep track of the amount of time that has passed during the interview. Try to keep the interview to a maximum of 30 minutes – it shouldn’t take much longer than 15 minutes to retrieve all of the information that you need from the candidate.

Make the experience enjoyable

The biggest mistake an employer can make is to let the interview become an interrogation of the job seeker. The more uncomfortable an interview is the more likely it is to become unsuccessful, as the candidate will not feel as if they can be themselves and therefore their true colors will not revealed.

In more successful settings the hiring manager ensures that the candidate is put at ease from the beginning of the interview. They make the interview more conversational in order to bring out the best in the candidate and encourage them to be themselves.

Don’t just take notes

By taking notes throughout the interview you will not be able to fully engage with the candidate. Taking notes is also a distraction to the candidate and disrupts the flow of discussion as recruiters are too busy taking notes to allow the conversation to take a smooth course.

Instead of taking notes, place a recording device in the room. This will enable you to have a full and thorough conversation without being disrupted by the need to continually take notes. 

Record it at your discretion


If you have opted to record the conversation you should practice in advance avoiding fillers such as ‘Umm...’ or ‘Errr...’ These will come across as very unprofessional when playing back the recording, and if you choose to publish the transcript it can be very distracting to transcribe the audio.