Facts About Being a Civil Servant in Germany

Dresden Germany wallpaper

If you are considering a career in the civil service in Germany, it is important to be aware of various factors, such as the requirements of a specific civil servant and the organizational structure of the civil service, as these elements may influence the area of public service you wish to work in.

Germany’s civil service comprises of two main parts, with the greater part being that of Federal, State and commune level employment (based on civil law). This area of civil service appeals to many individuals who wish to work in the public sector due to the rights, benefits, and good working conditions in which public service employees receive.

There are however certain principles, which individuals seeking a career in the civil service must satisfy. There include but are not limited to:

  • Civil service officials must show loyalty and be faithful to their employer

  • Officials cannot behave in an extreme manner in either their personal or professional life

  • It is paramount that officials work in compliance with the stipulated rules and regulations and carry out activities instructed by their seniors

  • Official are not permitted to strike

  • Must be flexible with regards to working hours

Individuals who meet the criteria outlined by the public service organization they wish to work for, will ultimately benefit from a long and rewarding career. It should be noted that there are categories of civil service careers, and it is uncommon for civil servant to move from one career group to another.

The civil service career groups are:

  • Higher service

  • Executive service

  • Clerical service

  • Basic service

Benefits of working in the civil service include:

  • Salary packages are generally high, and are awarded in line with the position held within the civil service and not in reflection of work carried out.

  • Salary wage increases can be given where a new position is achieved

  • Pensions are given but are largely dependent on the position held and term of employment, although most pension plans are generous

  • Job security

  • Gain considerable social status in Germany

  • Civil servants can engage in politics and be elected to office

  • Teachers and professors are regarded as civil servants in Germany and therefore are entitled to the same beneficial treatment.