Failure is Crucial to Your Career

The fear of failure is one that is ingrained in most Americans from a very young age. At school, we fear failing classes or assignments or big projects. At work, we fear failing an interview, or failing to complete a big project, or failing an important presentation.

More importantly, we let failure in our attempts in the workforce or as entrepreneurs affect our drive and motivation; professionals can come to the (incorrect) conclusion that they aren’t smart enough, or dedicated enough, or driven enough to suceed.

Our society is terrified of failure, even though some of the most influential people in our lives will say that failure is a key part of growing and learning. Failure is merely a stepping stone on the path to knowledge and success.

Michael Litt, an entrepreneur who talks about his biggest failures in the video above, seeks to prove that failure is a critical part of having a great career. “You will fail to have a great career unless you fail to have a great career.” Sometimes failing academically or professional is the experience that causes exponential growth as both a person and as a professional.

In this humorous recount of his most epic failure, Litt reminisces losing his business and dropping out of university all in the same year. Litt then got a job at a software company and learned to code. He explains that moving forward and “dusting off” from his incredibly negative experience was one of the hardest things he’s ever done, but that this monumental failure in his life was one of the best things that ever happened to him. 

"Don’t listen to your friends, don’t listen to your parents, don’t listen to academic institutions that make you fear the concept of failure."

What failures in your life pushed you even harder towards a great career?




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