How to Fake it ‘till you Make it

To get where you want to be in your career, here is a secret: you may have to ‘fake it ‘till you make it’. What do I mean? Well, showing enthusiasm for tasks you hate doing is one example, but overall, you need to impress the right people, do the job you hate to the best of your ability, and keep networking your way to the top - even if that means smiling and complimenting those who in reality you cannot stand to be around!

Yes, as difficult as it will undoubtedly be, you will have to fake it ‘till you make it!

Do not despair – employers actually expect you to be this way; they are not blind to the ambition you have and your desire to get higher up the career ladder! Do you really think they believe that you ‘like’ making them tea in the morning? That you enjoy shredding paper when the basket gets too full? That you ‘don’t mind’ working over time because you LOVE your dull job so much? No. They know your enthusiasm is a front, but at the same time, this gives them a great impression of your character.

Essentially, if you are willing to put the hours in, do the small menial jobs that no-one else wants, and act professional and proactive at all times, then you will fast track your way to the top in no time!

Here is how you can fake it ‘till you make it:

For some, this approach to fast tracking your career is tricky to master, so here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

#1 Asked to make the boss tea again? – Do it and then offer him tea again later in the day!

If you accept the small jobs, that technically are not within your job description, you will be viewed as a team player and general ‘all-rounder’ – something which most employers look for in their future managers. By doing the job with a smile on your face and then using your initiative to ask if he would like another cup, it shows a good attitude and character building.

#2 Told to meet a ridiculously tight deadline? – Do over time all week if need be!

At times, you will be tested by your manager. This could be in terms of how well you know your job, or how committed you are to it. By setting you unrealistic goals, they are essentially testing your abilities and determination to succeed. It is therefore important that you put in the extra hours to get the job done, and refrain from complaining about it. The more you do and the less noise you make about it, the better you will appear to your manager.

#3 Blamed by your manager for something that was his own fault? Grin and bear it!

Unfortunately, there may be times when the boss makes a mistake and then blames you for it. Whilst you could stand up and fight your corner saying “no sir, it was your own fault!” – this will get you nowhere. It is better to take the hit and move on from it. You boss knows it wasn’t really your fault, but if you can show that you will ‘take one for the team’, this is a valued trait.

#4 Asked to go for after work drinks? - Go! You need all the ‘face time’ you can get.


Whilst going for drinks with the people you work with is the last thing on your mind, at times, you may have to do it and appear thrilled at the same time. If the group who will be going with includes your manager and others who you need to impress at work, then it is definitely advised that you and you are the ‘life and soul’ of the group – every loves a fun person! Ultimately your aim is to get as much face time as you can (face time is the time you spend face to face with those that can elevate you to the next level in your career!)