Fashionable Fitness Clothes

Most people who exercise, especially in the mornings and on their lunch breaks, understand how difficult it can be to get in a good workout, clean up, and head out to work or class. Most of the time it’s a crunch and sacrifices have to be made--maybe you use dry shampoo instead of wetting your hair, or maybe you use a face wipe instead of washing your face with soap and water.

However, given how fashionable and modern fitness clothing has become, your wardrobe doesn’t have to suffer for the sake of cleanliness. In fact, by wearing your workout clothes all day, you can ensure that the rest of you is clean and top-notch and save time before and after your workouts.

In the video above, Tone It Up founders Karena and Katrina walk their enormous community through the basics of their fitness wardrobe and how to dress up more casual items.

Save time by wearing your fitness clothes before your workout, then dress them up afterwards

If you’re working out, chances are you’re extremely sweaty. Maybe you’re taking a class and then going out immediately after, or you’re taking a fitness class on your lunch break.

Save time before your workout by wearing your fitness clothing to work (not advisable if you have a suit-and-tie type gig). Black fitness pants are perfectly paired with boots and sandals. If your fitness top is a little too casual, pack it away in a bag for later as changing a top doesn’t take nearly as long. By wearing some items all day, you avoid wasting time having to make a pit stop to change. Once your class is over, change out of your sweaty top and back into your more professional attire. 

If you like, you can always pack a pair of clean clothing to change into after your lunchtime workout. However, dressing up fitness clothing to make it more acceptable for meetings, lunches, dates and more is simple, and Karena and Katrina can show you how.

What is Tone It Up?

Karena and Katrina are two entrepreuners who knew what they wanted--a community full of healthy, motivated women--and went after it full force. Tone It Up began as a small YouTube series of free fitness videos and quickly grew into a large, profitable fitness community.

Each week, Karena and Katrina create a daily schedule for their community members to complete and goals to meet. Tone It Up also provides a nutrition plan for premium members, protein powders, fitness apparel and more on their website.

The girls have become so popular that they starred in their own reality TV show "Toned Up" on Bravo in early 2014. The show followed the girls through some of their larger business projects and talked with them about their business goals and accomplishments. From shooting fitness DVDs to creating free YouTube videos for their community, Karena and Katrina are an excellent example of two entrepreuners working hard to make their business succeed.