Fastest Growing Green Jobs

Going green is definitely not a new concept; I mean, we even had a thinly veiled superhero cartoon cum environmental PSA all the way back in the 90’s. Lately though something called environmental or natural capital has started seeping into the realm of Looten Plunder (which is a Captain Planet villain that was a shrewd businessman with horrible taste in clothes) for big money. This quote from the Captain Planet wiki makes me think this was more a character study of the rich industrialists than a cartoon villain:

Money is Plunder’s main motive. He often finds corruption and weaknesses, and exploits them for his own gain. Plunder doesn’t care about human or environmental suffering, so long as cash continues to enter his pockets.

’Captain Planet Wiki’

Actually he’s kind of a wuss compared to this Harold Simmons. But I digress; these are some of the fastest growing green jobs.

Why Is It Happening

It’s really simple actually- as non-renewable materials become scarcer, their price increases, thus cutting into the manufacturer’s profit margin. By using renewable resources and more affordable alternative energy, companies are able to increase their profit margin. Yeah, I’m sorry to say their motivations aren’t that altruistic.

Alternative Energy

The golden child of alternative energy research has been solar; it makes sense, too, since we have an unused nuclear fusion reactor in our solar system’s backyard- it’s the sun if you didn’t pick up on the clues. Not only is this a huge industry but its growth is astounding, considering that the production of photovoltaic or solar panels has been doubled every two years for the past decade. In Germany alone there are 40,000 solar technicians being employed at the moment and that number is bound to increase exponentially in the next few decades.

Clean Car Engineers/ Technicians

At first, we used to have more economic gas cars, then hybrids and now we are in the era of zero emission automobiles. As the technology progresses and electric or hydrogen cars become more affordable and comparable to traditional fossil fuel the more people will adopt them and in turn more people will be needed to design them, manufacture and maintain them. Also thank the car making Gods that we don’t have to be subjected to the ugliness of the Prius to be green.

Urban Farmer

Old McDonald had a farm all the way up on the 94 floor. As the urban sprawl, well, sprawls the availability of fresh products has been significantly diminished. Well, that might not be the standard for too long, as an entire new type of farming starts sprouting (get it, sprouting) up in urban areas and specifically, rooftops. Urban Farming cultivates fruits and vegetables on the roofs of buildings in large urban areas. I know, it sounds a bit post-apocalyptic, doesn’t it? Well, not only do these farms help offer fresh fruits and vegetables to people in dense urban areas, but it has also offered rest stops to bees migrating over these areas. Bee hives have actually been adopted by many urban farmers to help pollination of their crops and augment their profits with the sale of honey.        

Do you know of any other rapidly growing green occupations? Let us know in the comment section below.