Favourite Breakfast Choices of Successful Professionals


A common misconception is that busy, successful professionals usually go without breakfast. Many people misconceive that the most successful business professionals dash out their front door at 7am without a bite to eat and just a take away coffee to wake them up; however, this is not true.

The reason why certain working professionals become successful is that they know the key to success – being healthy! This doesn’t just mean eating a low fat diet, it refers to having a healthy work-life balance and professional outlook in life. Beginning your day right can have a profound effect to how well you perform at work that day, and this is why so many top executives ensure they eat breakfast every morning.

Check out these breakfast meals favoured by successful professionals:

#1 Low-fat protein

Energy is vital to survive a long and busy day at the office, so eating protein is a must. Be careful which types of protein you consume however; there are many types that can actually make you feel lethargic including fried sausages and bacon.

Try fitting eggs into your breakfast meals. Poached eggs on wholegrain toast is a favourite!

#2 Healthy carbohydrates

You energy levels much be ‘fed’ throughout the day in order to keep your mind and body functioning. Carbohydrates are effective as they are a form of glucose which the body turns into energy. Be sure to stay away from foods that have a high glycemic-index (GI) rating as these will simply raise your blood sugar and give you ‘false’ energy.

Opt for low GI carbohydrate foods such as oatmeal and rye toast. The more of the right fuel you feed your brain, the better your brain will function throughout the day; allowing you to make well thought out business decisions.

#3 Dairy alternatives

 Whilst your daily dose of calcium is vital to a healthy mind and body, many dairy  products are high in fat and cholesterol which in turn, causes you to feel low in energy  as the hours wear on. Whilst your regular cow’s milk is a well known source of protein,  it is also one that is swerved by the busy and successful executives. Why? Well, cow’s  milk is high in fat and can raise your cholesterol levels through the roof if taken too  frequently. For those who are lactose intolerant, cow’s milk can have rather  uncomfortable side effects.

 Alternative options to traditional dairy products include coconut milk, almond milk and  soy milk. A favourite amongst working professionals is the soy milk option as it is high in protein, low in saturated fat and has excellent antioxidant properties.

 #4 Fruit boost

A strong cup of coffee in the morning will of course wake you up and give you a  quick boost to start your day. However, this boost will not last, and the more  you drink coffee, the more your body will get used to the effects of caffeine.  Whilst some successful execs may state that their preferred drink is coffee, it  is unlikely that most will drink it first thing in the morning due to its false  stimulant effect.

Instead, many take to fresh fruit as a way of gaining an early morning wake up  effect and energy boost all in one. Why not make yourself a fresh fruit smoothie or make yourself a natural juice drink with fruits such as blueberries, bananas, ginger, orange, mango and strawberries.