How to Feed Two People on a Tight Budget

Times are tough and many people are having severe financial problems. Some people are even struggling to feed their families. But, there is one woman who will certainly never have that problem. Lesley Cooper was forced to feed herself and two children on pennies back in the 1970’s. She now has a website with over 150 recipes to provide two adults with three meals for roughly £1 a day. Below I will provide three recipes from Lesley, to feed two adults for an entire day.

Breakfast (Serves 2)

Raisin Pancakes (Estimated Cost 4p per serving )

- 80g raisins
- 100g flour
- Pinch of salt
- Half a tbsp. sugar

Mix all the ingredients together with enough water to make a thick batter.

Heat a frying pan and add some oil.

When the oil is hot, drop spoonful’s of raisiny batter into the pan and cook over a low heat until set, flip over and cook the other side.


Lunch (serves 4)

Lentil Soup (Estimated Cost 16p per serving )

- 70g onion, chopped

- 100g carrots, scrubbed and chopped

- 250g red lentils

- 1 tbsp oil


Saute the onion and carrots in the oil until soft.

Add the red lentils and a litre of water. Simmer for 20 minutes.

Whizz with a stick blender or in a liquidiser, or leave as it is.

Add more water if the soup is thicker than you would like.

Dinner (Serves 2)

Chickpea Crumble (Estimated Cost 46p per serving )

- 50g onion, chopped

- 110g potatoes, scrubbed and chopped

- Half a tin of tomatoes (200g)

- 40g self-raising flour

- 25g salted peanuts

- 50ml vegetable oil

- 20g porridge oats

- 100g chick peas, soaked overnight and cooked until soft, or pressure cooked from dry for 45 -minutes, or 1 tin, drained

- 400g onion

- 160g peas

Sauté the onion and potatoes in a little of the oil until soft.  Stir in the tomatoes.  Simmer gently with lid on for 20 minutes until potatoes are soft.

Crumble – add remaining oil to flour and oats and stir in the peanuts.

Stir the chickpeas into the tomato sauce, season with black pepper and salt to taste. Ensure the mixture is veering towards sloppy, otherwise the cooked crumble will be a little dry. Put the tomato mixture into a greased ovenproof dish and top with the crumble.

Chop the onions, still with the peel on into large chunks. Put in a small roasting pan and toss with a little oil, salt and pepper.

Bake the crumble and onions at 190C/375F/Gas 5 for about 30 minutes

Serve with the peas.

As you can see, while some of these recipes may seem a bit odd, they are perfectly healthy, nutritious and extremely cheap to make. So if you are struggling to feed your family, fancy a bit of a challenge, or are just an extremely frugal person, then why not try these recipes and if you like them, visit Lesley’s website and try out her meal plans. The worst that could happen is you don’t like the food and the best is that you save a lot of money.  


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