Female Scientists Parody: 'Science: It's A Girl Thing'

Do you remember that totally ineffective and disgraceful video "Science: It's a Girl Thing" campaign from the European Union Commission that used ladymag imagery to attempt to entice young girls to the pursuit of science? Yes, the one that cost $128,136, looked kind of like a video version of the game Mall Madness and turned out to garner the EU Commission such negative publicity that they buried it entirely?

Well, now, a bunch of PhD candidates in neuropsychology at the University of Bristol got together to do a resplendent parody of it, goofy dances and all. It cost only $13. One of them, Suzi Gage, explains: "We made the video mainly for fun, but also because the original was so awful. It was really demeaning to women, and contained no science at all—just make-up. There are big problems regarding women in science." So yeah, If Europe wants to get more girls into science, they should probably just give these women a webseries.




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