How to Fight Unemployment Depression

Loss of job or remaining unemployed is one of the biggest nightmares someone can have. When losing jobs, people also lose an important part of their identity, along with their daily routines and financial security. Being unemployed destabilises individuals’ feelings of self-worth, comfort, security and personal control. Stuart Schneiderman, a former psychoanalyst who now serves as an executive coach argues that "in the current economic environment, job loss is a serious trauma…People are terrified that they aren't going to get a new job".

The crucial question looming in an unemployed person’s mind is: What can be done to get hold of the situation, boost self-confidence and get rid of feelings of fear or worthlessness?

Here are some key steps that will help you rediscover yourself and bust your depression when you are unemployed.

Maintain a Routine

When losing your job, you essentially lose a lot of structure in your daily routine. Try to retain as many of your work habits as possible and keep a balanced and consistent daily schedule.  Don’t just put off your job search for extra time in bed. Your key mission is to find a job, so treat your job search as your new job and devote eight hours a day.

Get into a daily routine, like the routine that was there when you were employed. Get up with the alarm clock, shower and get dressed, work at your job search and above all take advantage of free time to do productive activities that will boost your energy and self-esteem up.

Exercise Regularly

Undoubtedly, exercise relieves every kind of stress, and the endorphin rush it creates help enhance mood. Commit to doing 30 minutes of exercises, each day as this will significantly improve your frame of mind and outlook. On top of this, always remember to maintain a balanced nutrition because this is also a natural way that helps keeping your spirits elevated.

Keep a Job Search Journal  

One of the most frustrating aspects of today's job searches is the lack of feedback from employers and recruiters which in turn leaves job seekers in doubt about their worth. It makes them feel like they're not making any progress, like they have no control over their employment situation, and those feelings sometimes make them wonder why should they bother sending out résumés and attending networking events.

Keep a job search journal in which you keep track of all the calls you make, the job opportunities you find, the CVs you send and the people you meet at networking events. This practice can help you see all the effort you are making,

This laborious work may not be leading to a job yet, but job seekers can at least have their conscience clear, knowing that they're doing everything in their power to find a new job.

Participate in Productive Distractions

If you need a break from the drudgery and ungratefulness of your job search, you can simply engage in activities that don't involve sending CVs but that still contribute in your effort to land a new job.

You can do volunteering work particularly with a for-profit company. Volunteering one's time or expertise at recognised firms allows people to keep their skills sharp, socialise with other people and network with employees inside the company. It is a great stepping stone for receiving valuable credentials and becoming useful while spending your time constructively.  

Seek Inspiration

Instead of focusing on what you don't have or the financial disaster of unemployment, look for things in your life that give you inspiration. Look around for things that may spark new creative ideas that will help invigorate and give meaning to your life. Watch inspirational movies or read interesting books and get the moral lessons from them to keep your spirit up.

You can also get your family or friends involved so everyone is seeking for joy over sorrow. Make a list of the top three things or blessings that give special meaning to you.

Last but not least do not allow the ‘demons’ of depression begin to play on your mind. As the famous Greek poet C.P. Cavafy said: “And if you can’t shape your life the way you want, at least try as much as you can not to degrade it.” Make sure you watch your thoughts, keep a balanced daily routine and maintain hope and trust your instinct. Success is likely to touch you if you dress for success because it has a strong impact on your personality and to your psyche.


Image Source: The Telegraph