Financial Success with the Bible’s Blessing!!

Sean Hyman is known for his media appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television. What most people don’t know about him is his pastoral background and that his investing secrets come from the Bible! Well, I know it sounds a bit weird because people are supposed to separate their faith from other things like… investing! But apparently for Sean, the Bible is something pivotal for investing. His life radically changed when he started following some ancient biblical codes regarding money in his own life. I know that you will be curious to learn how financial success relates to a religious text, so carry on reading and all will be revealed...

"The naïve will believe everything, but a wise man looks well into a matter."

As an example, Sean refers to Steven K. Scott, the billionaire founder of American Telecast Corporation who trusted the wrong people who got him involved with certain bad investments. Scott neglected King Solomon’s wisdom of “looking well into the matter”. In other words, Hyman advises investors to research the company before buying stocks. Oh yes! Market research was among the first principles I learned in marketing when I was at school. I would argue that this also applies when you invest in a company. Don’t go into business with people you dont know well enough. It's not a blind date! You need to dig deep and suss out your potential business partners before committing yourself to any investments. 

"The love for money is the route for all evil!"

No wonder our financial system has been devastated by a series of continuous bubbles over the past years… It was "the love for money" according to Sean! If only the Wall St. "experts" had opened up the bible and taken advice from Apostle Paul: “We can’t make rational decisions about money when we love it”. What Apolstle Paul is really telling us, is that we have to ”un-love” money in order to make it. But wait, if we are not supposed to love money, then why would we bother making a lot of it? A catch-22 situation, but I guess it is all about balance. If you begin to cross the lines of obsession and greed, you could lose far more than just money. Anyway, for most of us, our relationship with money is not really that great in these times of financial crisis so I think learning to "un-love" wont be that hard after all!

Well, it appears Sean Hyman does have a point: there is a link between certain biblical codes and investing techniques as surprising as it may seem! I only wish I knew more about the teachings of King Solomon, Jesus of Nazareth and the Apostle Paul to get rid of my debt troubles! In fact, I'm seriously thinking of asking Sean whether he knows any Biblical secrets about finding employment!