How to Find a Co-Blogger

If you enjoy writing and you want to share your knowledge and experience, starting a blog can provide the outlet you need. Blogging is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in a particular field, and it’s an amazing way to reach a broader audience. But given your busy schedule, blogging regularly can prove challenging. However, you know the importance of consistency. If your blog becomes inactive, you’ll lose valuable followers.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this. If you have a blog, but discover it’s tough to post regularly and respond to comments, you can find a co-blogger to share the blogging duties. But don’t give just anyone the responsibility of posting on your site. Here are a few excellent tips for finding a co-blogger.

Carefully Examine the Work of Possible Co-Bloggers

Ideally, the person chosen to co-blog should have a blog of this own, or at least experience blogging for other people. Blogging is very different from article writing. Article writing tends to be formal, whereas blog writing is more personable or casual. Therefore, the person must be familiar with this style, as well as the voice of your site. Reading their published work or other samples is the best way to gauge their writing style and ability.

Ask About Availability

You need a co-blogger that’s able to contribute on a regular basis. Some people may contact you, but only want to post one or two pieces of content a month. A co-blogger, on the other hand, must be willing to do more. Although you’re the primary blogger, your co-blogger will take on important duties. Not only will he blog, he can also respond to reader comments and assist with social media marketing. As a co-blogger, the person may spend several hours a week helping the blog grow. Make sure the chosen person is ready for this challenge and available.

Can the Person Handle Criticism?

This is an important question to ask the person you’re thinking about hiring. As co-bloggers, you’ll brainstorm ideas together, but as the primary blogger you may request edits or give constructive criticism. If the person can’t handle constructive criticism, this working relationship may not work. 

Advertise Your Desire for a Partnership

Maybe you have a potential co-blogger in mind; but if not, post an ad seeking one. Be detailed. For example, list the topics this person will cover and the desired number of years of experience. Those interested should submit a sample piece for review. Don’t rush this decision. It’s important that you find someone with experience and professionalism. Personality is also important -- you need to actually like the person.

Check Those References

If a candidate worked as a co-blogger for another site, get references. This way, you can learn whether this person follows directions and works well with others, and whether he or she consistently created high-quality blog posts. 

Building a partnership with another blogger can potentially increase your blog traffic and revenue, plus reduce your workload and avert burnout. But for this to happen, you need to choose the right person. 

It’s your turn, what qualities do you seek in a co-blogger?


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