How to Find a ‘Ghostwriter’ and Why you Should

There has been much controversy of late over the nature of hiring a ghostwriter to work on your book. YouTube star Zoella or Zoe Sugg hired a ghostwriter to work on her bestselling debut novel Girl Online. Despite her claiming that the stories in the book remain hers (she just needed help telling them), many of Sugg’s fans were extremely disappointed that she didn’t write her book all on her own. Yet, are there some benefits to hiring a ghostwriter?

Sharing Your Story

In the world of business the answer is yes. Many entrepreneurs and businesses use eBooks especially as a powerful marketing tool for their company or personal brand. Yet, although they may be at the top of their field they simply don’t have the writing skills to pen a bestselling book. They may be inspiring and wise, and want to share their story with the world, but simply can’t. Why then should they not be able to do just that? Hiring a ghostwriter for this reason is the only way forward.

Making Sales

What’s more, the other reason why business men and women would want to produce an eBook is to make money. Sorry, but the world of business is not all rainbows and butterflies; it’s rather sales and revenue. Hiring a ghostwriter would also be beneficial in this respect. If you hire an experienced professional, they will know the territory better than most. In other words, they have a vast knowledge of the industry so can create something that will sell. They may even be able to help you rise above competitors in your field.

How to Find a Ghostwriter

So, now you know why you should hire ghostwriter, but how do you go about finding one? Here are a couple of ideas that could help you find the perfect ghostwriter for your book:

1.     Advertisements

Get the right ghostwriter to come to you by listing ads for a freelancer. You’ll go about finding a freelance ghostwriter in the same way you would find any kind of freelancer. For example, you can use sites such as Gumtree to list a job or one that’s dedicated to bringing employers and freelancers together like People Per Hour. This is a highly recommendable method because it will allow you to describe exactly what you’re looking for. Then, people that feel they have the right skills and expertise will come to you; the ones who don’t will (hopefully) steer clear.

2.     Ghostwriting Organisations

On the other hand, hiring a freelancer can be a little risky; the whole business can be a bit hit and miss. You might find that the person in question isn’t quite as qualified as you previously thought. So then you might go to a reputable and established organisation that represents ghostwriters, such as The Ghostwriting Company. It may be a little more expensive, but at least you will know exactly what the fixed fee is and that the work is guaranteed to reach you on time. An organisation will be much more organised and professional in dealing with your book.

It’s also less effort on your part because the ghostwriting organisation will find the appropriate ghostwriter for you. The final product will also go through the editorial process, meaning that there will be fewer edits and suggestions to be made on your part thereafter.

When it comes to hiring a ghostwriter for your work, whatever your reasoning or method, don’t forget to seek out somebody who is reputable, experienced and discreet.