How to Find a Job in Healthcare Administration

Working in the healthcare administration field involves tasks such as organizing and managing the following organizations: medical companies, medical practices, government agencies and training programs. These individuals need to be highly trained and educated with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. This article will address the basic steps on how to find a job in the healthcare administration field.

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Obtaining Your Health Administration Education

The first part of the process is to obtain your health administration education. The various details regarding this process are listed below. For more information regarding education and degrees in Healthcare Administration visit

1. Bachelor’s Degree

The process begins by obtaining your bachelor’s degree in the following field of health administration, health services or public health. Due to changes in the healthcare industry, there has been an increased demand for new healthcare administrators. The general minimum requirement for obtaining employment in this field is to have a bachelor’s degree. Some agencies and organizations may require or encourage employees to also obtain a master’s degree. In order to graduate with additional accreditation, you can enroll in a university program which has been certified by the Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration (AUPHA).

  • Tip – You can also enroll in various business courses during your college education. Learning basic business skills will better enable you to manage pertinent health insurance information as well as manage budgets more efficiently.

2. College Internships 

It would also be helpful to your career success to be accepted into an internship during your college experience. There are a variety of internship positions available as administrative assistants at government health agencies, health insurance companies, clinics and hospitals.

  • Tip – While completing your internship, be sure to remain focused and retain all the valuable information that you are learning. Also seek out opportunities to network with other interns, colleagues and managers.

3. Graduate Degree

While obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you should seriously consider continuing your education to obtain a graduate degree as well in the healthcare administration field. Many of the head administrators at hospitals and corporate companies have such degrees.

  • Tip – Continue networking with fellow students, professors and other colleagues while obtaining your graduate degree. Consider taking on a second internship during this second stage in your college education.

4. Volunteer

Students who volunteer during their college education learn how to take on more personal responsibility and grow in personal development, as well as gain invaluable experience to add to their résumés.

  • Tip – Make sure that your volunteer work does not interfere with you successfully completing your coursework. Volunteer at various organizations during your college education so that you can gain a wide array of experience as well as obtain valuable networking opportunities.

Finding a Healthcare Administration Job

The second part in the process is to do your research, prepare your résumé and find a job in healthcare administration. Those specific steps are listed below.

1. State License 

It is a requirement in many states for individuals working as healthcare administrators to pass both practical and written exams.

  • Tip – Do your due diligence and research the specific requirements of the licensing board in your state.

2. Professional Memberships

Joining various professional memberships in your field of expertise can provide you with training and networking opportunities as well as access to job-specific search engines.

3. Résumé 

In order to find a job and present a professional first impression so that you increase your probability of getting called in for an interview, it is vital that you have created a résumé in the proper format.

  • Tip – You need to have a clear and concise summary and work objective, along with just the right balance of information regarding your educational, workplace and volunteering experience.

4. Network 

Go through your network and contact anyone from the healthcare administration field who may be a viable avenue for job search advice and employment opportunities.  

  • Tip – Don’t be afraid to contact previous professors and alumni from any associations from the university that you attended.

5. Job Search

Begin your employment search by checking job-specific websites such as those for the following organizations: clinics, hospital supply companies, insurance companies, hospitals and healthcare websites. You should also visit the major job search websites such as:,,, and Some of the entry level jobs you may be eligible for may range from an office manager at a medical practice or clinic to an executive assistant at a hospital. You may want to consider working with a recruiter to find you a job in your field. Recruiters generally seek to work with job applicants who have impressive résumés with above average educational, workplace and volunteering experience.     

  • Tip – Make sure that your résumé is proofread and that you provide a proper cover letter that makes you stand out from the crowd as a true professional.

Finding a job in the healthcare administration field is a two-part process, which first begins with obtaining your bachelor’s and then possibly a master’s degree. It is important to stay focused while at school, learn how to network, volunteer your time and work in one or two internships. The second part of the process is to start your job search. You need to have a stellar résumé and do your research in order to ascertain the best places to search for jobs which are most suited to your circumstances and current skillset. Following the steps as outlined in this article will help you to complete this two-part process and find a job in healthcare administration.

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