How to Find a Job in Ireland

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Ireland has an almost magical reputation for beautiful land and friendly people. Having experienced years of economic growth, it was hit hard by the recent recession. However, things are looking up, and there are jobs to be had if you know where to find them.

What you need

Unless you live in Ireland, a country that's a member of the EU or EEA, or Switzerland, you’ll need a visa and a work permit to enter and work in Ireland. Some countries have reciprocal arrangements with Ireland for working holiday authorisations. They grant permission to take on casual work in Ireland to help fund a holiday. Green cards are granted to people in occupations that are experiencing a skills shortage (IT, business, healthcare, engineering, etc.) or people in almost any occupation who make above a certain salary level. Jobs that don’t meet the criteria for green cards, but that do meet skills shortage criteria are eligible for work permits, which are initially issued for two years and may be renewed for up to five years. It’s also important to know that certain occupations (retail, dining, etc.) aren’t eligible for work permits.

How to find a job

  • Before you start your job search, you should have a current CV or resume in English. Be prepared to customize it for each job.
  • If your occupation requires specific qualifications, you’ll need to find out whether the qualifications you have are recognized in Ireland.
  • There are lots of online sites where you can start your job search. If you know what kind of job you’re looking for, you can start on individual company websites. Some multinational companies with branches in Ireland include Intel, Pfizer, IBM, Dell, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Medtronic, and Apple.
  • You may also want to contact an Irish recruitment agency. This website lists both general interest agencies and specialized agencies.
  • Sign up with a job listings site. There are a number of sites that post Irish job listings. Some include findajob, Irishjobs,, Monster, DoneDealJobs, BestJobs, and Northern Ireland Job Finder.
  • Recruit Ireland is another great website. It doesn’t just list job postings. It hosts a directory of Irish employers with links to specific jobs at those companies. It also includes a Career Centre where you can find advice on specific topics related to working in Ireland.

Other things to know

  • The official language is English.
  • The currency is the Euro.
  • If you’re working in Ireland, you’ll pay a tax that entitles you to free healthcare. However, since wait times are often extremely long, many people also have private insurance.
  • The vast majority of rentals (99%) come furnished. If you bring your own furniture, you’ll have to store the rental furniture. Also, in contrast with the U.S., where you can often see a property the same day you contact the agent, agents in Ireland recommend setting up appointments a week in advance.

Living in Ireland can be a fantastic adventure. It’s a beautiful island with friendly people, and it’s close to many European cultural centers.




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