How to Find a job With no Experience

No Job Experience

If you have no job experience, you can still get a job until you improve your chances and skills as well as gather enough experience to advance. You can start out with an entry-level job, even though, it might not pay the salary that you are looking for. You have to start out somewhere. If you are going to transition into a new career, you may have to learn new skills. This can be learned on the job also, but again, you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Show Work Samples

If you have no experience, but have samples of work done in the past, possibly by freelance or just something you have done on your own that relates to the job, by all means show your prospective employer. Create a portfolio of your samples along with resume and cover letter. Submit it as a package. If you have created a blog, for example, or website, you should use as samples. If you have created your friends, family members or neighbor’s website, you could use this to get a job as a web designer. This may not be experience with a company, but the knowledge may be enough to land you the job.

Temporary Jobs

You can opt for a part time, seasonal or temporary assignment through a temporary agency. Begin working part-time. This is the ideal situation if you are in between jobs. It will allow you to gain even more experience for your next full time job.

Paid Internship and Volunteer work

Search for paid internship jobs online. This is perfect for college graduates. You could even work at a non-paid internship assignment with the hopes of subsequently getting hired by the company. It is a risk to take, but the experience will help you for future assignments. If you have volunteered for a non-profit organization, this will allow you to possibly use this experience to land a job.

Use College Coursework

While you are in college, you may have completed certain coursework that relates to the industry that you are interested in. Try to connect the dots between your coursework and the related job. This should also include jobs that you did through college, activities you were involved in and organizations that you were a member of.

Networking Events

Attend regular networking events so you have an opportunity to meet business professionals. Strike up a conversation and hint that you are looking for a job and ask for referrals. Point out that you don’t have much experience, but quite articulate and easy to learn. A good word from a good employee may get you in the door. You may have to develop an ongoing friendship with these individuals in order to get the referral.

The Classified

Many times, you will find jobs advertised in the classified section of the newspaper; on and offline where the company specifically indicates that no experience is necessary. Apply for those jobs, but be forewarned that these may be lower paying jobs.

Highlight Your Entrepreneur Abilities

If you have worked as a tutor, babysitter, and nanny, fixed someone’s computer or even mowed your neighbor’s lawn; this is work that you can be proud of. Gather recommendations from these people and use them as a reference.

Social media is a great way to get the word out too. If you conducted ongoing research for a college professor or successfully completed lab experiments, you can use this as part of your college experience.