How to Find and Interact with Guest Bloggers

A blog is an excellent tool if you want to drive new business to your website or simply share your knowledge. However, if you want your blog to be successful, you need to post on a regular basis and provide quality content. 

Unfortunately, if you spend the majority of your days running a business, you may have little (if any) time to devote to your blog. Posting a new blog once a week or every other week isn’t going to produce the desired results. Getting a blog off the ground and developing a loyal following requires consistency. Therefore, if you’re unable to post on a regular basis, you’ll need to find guest bloggers for your site. 

Guest blogging is common in the blogging world, and it’s when another person writes a post for your site. This practice is a win-win for both parties. You’re able to keep your site up-to-date with fresh content, and the guest blogger gains exposure and experience. 

So, how do you find and interact with guest bloggers? It’s actually easier than you might think. 

Build Your Community

Before you seek guest bloggers for your site, you need to spend time developing your own blog. Although your time is limited, make every effort to post regular content a few times a week. If you can build your community and make a name for yourself in the blogging world, it’ll be easier to find guest bloggers. 

But it isn’t enough to post on your own site. You also need to visit other blogs and leave comments. By doing so, you’ll begin to build a relationship with other bloggers; and in turn, they’ll visit your site. If you consistently produce high-quality content, other bloggers may contact you directly and ask to contribute to your website. 

Research Bloggers in Your Niche

If you’re looking for guest bloggers for your site, search for bloggers within your niche. Having a well-known blogger post on your website can result in a surge of new traffic, but only if his loyal readers are interested in your blog. For example, if you’re a personal finance blogger, you wouldn’t want a guest post from a mommy blogger or a skin care blogger -- unless their post incorporated some aspect of personal finance. The goal is to attract and retain new traffic. If a guest blogger’s fans aren’t interested in topics discussed on your blog, they won’t return.

Advertise for Guest Bloggers

The same way you’re looking for guest bloggers, there are plenty of people looking for guest blogging opportunities. To make the search easier for the both of you, advertise for guest bloggers directly on your site. 

Include a "write for us" link somewhere on your website and list submission guidelines, such as desired article topics, word count, writing style, etc. Don’t forget to include your email address, and ask each person for writing samples or links to published work online.

Offer an Incentive

Guest blogging is a way for new bloggers to gain experience and recognize, but they’ll want something in return. Depending on how much revenue your blog earns, you can offer monetary compensation per blog post. However, if you’re unable to pay for posts, many bloggers are happy to write a guest post in exchange for a link back to their website or blog. 

Bottom Line

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

Whether you’re a new blogger or don’t have time to write your own posts, finding and interacting with guest bloggers can increase your blog traffic, and ultimately build your reputation in the blogging community. The key is finding bloggers who can produce quality posts on a consistent basis. 

What do you look for in a guest blogger?

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