How to Find International Work from Home Jobs


Online jobs have been increasingly popular since the financial crisis and resultant economic meltdown of 2008. You know several people in your circle of friends who earn a living and supplement their income through primary earning avenues by doing a few online jobs a day. Getting work from home jobs is relatively easy for most people, but international writers usually have a harder time finding the best gig. Most times you will find a lucrative work from home job you are ineligible for due to your location. So, how do you deal with the frustrations of having to find an international work from home job? How do you find a job that accommodates your international status?

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1. Use the right keywords

The secret is in the keywords you use. Plainly searching for work at home gigs will give you a general list of mixed potential employers. For an international writer, specific keywords are prudent and imperative. Keywords such as ‘we hire international writers’ will directly lead you to websites that are globally open. You will be surprised at the numerous options your search engine will provide you.

2. Read FAQs

Yes, they are long and boring sometimes, but they are extremely essential. What is the point of applying for a gig in a lucrative website and later receiving a regret email referencing the FAQs on international writers, for example? Carefully comb through the FAQs and decipher whether the site accepts international writers or not.

3. Be honest! Your IP address sells you out

Well, you are feeling lucky that the website only requires you to state your nationality without necessarily uploading your national identity card, and hence decide to lie. Most managers intentionally leave this loophole to test your integrity. How sincere are you? A simple and quick check on your IP address is enough to deny you access to your dream website. Don’t waste your time applying, and move on to the next employer.

4. Job boards

Job boards are normally seen as hectic, mainly due to the numerous posts and few relevant gigs. Take your time to read though each eye-catching post and vigilantly read the instructions. Some employers only require impeccable prowess in English, irrespective of nationality. Advanced job boards will allow you to search for jobs based on location, consequently making the process less overwhelming.

5. Inquiring works!

You have finally landed on your dream site but are not sure whether they accept international workers or not. You have read the FAQs but no information suffices yet. Take a step and make an inquiry. That is why they provide their contact details in the first place.

6. Participate in online forums

The best place to share knowledge and experiences is online forums. Different forums allow members to post relevant questions, suggestions and advice. You can read through the posts and even start your own thread to get an insight on issues that affect international freelancers and, in effect, position yourself better and grab the best opportunities.

7. Read online reviews

Experienced freelancers share their experiences through reviewing their current and past employers. In some cases, they give insight on potential employers by simply judging their portfolio. Extensive reviews usually reveal an employers pay, preferred writer nationality, as well as employer suitability and reliability.

Finding an international work at home job can be a daunting task but the above tips will sure ease the process. If you have additional tips please include them in the comments section.




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