Find Out Which US State Offers the Best Salary According to Your Profession

While it is important to find a job that you love, finding a career that pays the big bills is essential in such a tough economy. If you are considering relocating for your career in the US, you should know which US state offers the best salaries!

Actually, there is an excellent way to ensure that you have made an informed career decision and that you haven’t let your excitement drive you all the way to let’s say, New York instead of Florida where you could be earning more money based on the expected annual cost of living. Rasmussen College has recently released a very useful career tool that allows you to compare the average salary for different occupations in America while also factoring in each state’s cost of living.

This article explains how this tool can help you choose which state is best for you according to your salary demands.

Benefits of using the salary tool:

  •           The career tool has approximately 300 occupations of which you can choose from and find more information about salaries and cost of living within each state.
  •           It allows you to compare the average salary earnings of 5 different states highlighting the graphs of each state so it is makes it easier for you to identify which location meets your needs and expectations the most.
  •           It presents you with information and stats that you can’t easily find with a single Google search - not to mention anywhere else. The career tool can be trusted as it presents recent and accurate data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis.
  •           It helps you get an overall idea of how certain occupations can help you earn a high-paid salary according to which US state you live in. Essentially, it allows you to make the most out of your occupation and start earning the salary you deserve.

How to use the tool:

Follow the link and simply select the occupation you are interested in by typing it in the first search box, or, use the drop down button to choose one from the list. Then select which states you are interested in so that you can compare with each other. Before you know it you have a complete list of US states classified from top to bottom beginning with the highest-salary state in your chosen profession.

To find out how this tool works check this out:

If you follow the link, you will see that I have chosen to compare the annual average salaries of the top 5 states including New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Florida, and Washington D.C. for the profession of Administrative Services Managers. As you can see, while New Jersey comes first as the top state with the highest average salary of $105,370, it comes as 7th as far as it concerns the average salary adjusted for cost of living which is $92,349. On the contrary, while Florida is the 4th highest with $97,360, the average salary calculating the cost of living reaches $98,543.

Check this career tool out for yourself and decide whether it’s high time to move to the USA!

Image Source: iStock