How to Find Recruiters in Your Niche

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If you work in a specialized niche field, you may want to utilize a recruiter to assist you in your job search. However, with regard to finding a niche recruiter, the task may take a bit more ingenuity on your part than locating a more generalized recruiter. There are several tactics that you can employ during your search as you try to locate the perfect niche recruiter for your current career situation. This article will address some tactics on how to find a recruiter in your niche.

1. Utilize Professional Online Sites

You can begin your search for a niche recruiter by utilizing professional online networking sites such as LinkedIn. Additionally, you can check out this list of 20 professional networking sites compiled by SitePoint. Two of the networking sites listed are SunZu and NetworkingForProfessionals where online connections can be made. You can utilize these sites to search through the network to find and review the profiles of niche recruiters. The majority of these professional networks are free to join and you can simply enter specific keywords in the search tools in order to connect with a variety of different niche recruiters.

2. Connect Through Your Network

We all have our own network of colleagues, friends, coworkers, and other professionals. Another way to locate a niche recruiter is to connect with those in your network to get referrals for such recruiters. With regard to this step, you can be more certain that you will find reliable information on recruiters since you are utilizing your own network rather than simply performing an online search. Your network also consists of any professional associations and organizations that you belong to. Do not be afraid to reach out to everyone in your network to ask for referrals. Remember that you are seeking a reliable and effective niche recruiter, and utilizing your own network will increase your chances of finding the right individual to assist you in your job search.

3. Review Entries in Recruiter Directories

Another option is to review recruiter directories to find the perfect niche recruiter for your job search needs. The top three online directories you can search through are Oya’s Directory of RecruitersOnline Recruiter’s Directory, and the Riley Guide. These three guides are free to utilize and there are a variety of other guides published at a cost. Be sure to hone your searches by using pertinent key words focused in your niche field.

4. Try More Creative Options

This step offers several more creative options that you can implement into your search process to find a niche recruiter. First, you can do the actual legwork and contact local companies in your industry and connect with the Human Resources department to speak to their in-house hiring managers. If you get lucky, you may be given the name of any recruiting agencies that the companies utilize to find new recruits. Additionally, you can visit career networking sites like Career One Stop, which is sponsored by the US Department of Labor and partnered with the American Job Center Network. Check out the online forums and message boards managed by such sites to search for recruiter referrals. Also, don’t forget to check out specific trade groups and associations and seek out referrals from those industry avenues. You will find that a large majority of recruiters are members of trade groups specific to their niche industry.

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Finding a recruiter in your niche will take some creative maneuvering on your part. However, if you follow the steps discussed in this article, you will pave a path toward job search success.