How To Find Work-At-Home Companies

So you’ve decided to quit the 9 to 5 and work from the comfort of your own home. Working from home certainly has it’s advantages - you set your own schedule, choose how much work you take on, and you can do it in your pyjamas. But wading through all the scams to find legitimate work at home companies can be time consuming. In this article we’ll go over the best places to look for telecommuting jobs and what sort of telecommuting positions are right for you.

Your first step: company websites

The trick is to use company websites. Job boards are all chock full of irrelevant results, spam and scams.  Companies like Hilton, Yahoo, Facebook and Google have lots of telecommuting positions. With company websites, you can find work at home jobs directly and apply for them online. Go for the big names first- household brands are bound to have websites and to recruit via their sites. Then check out any companies you might be interested in working for. Bear in mind that smaller businesses which aren’t in tech- or media-related industries may not recruit on their websites.

Telecommuting-only jobs sites

It can be time consuming to search for every company you’ve heard of and see if they’re currently recruiting for work at home positions. So once you’ve checked out the big names and the companies you’re interested in, it’s time for step two: using search engines and databases which specialise in work at home jobs. Great places to search for telecommuting opportunities include:

  • The Job search engine LinkUp. Linkup searches jobs on company web sites, and allows you to search using keywords like ’telecommute’ and ’work from home’. You can apply for jobs directly through the site.
  • The Work At Home Company Directory. This site includes positions such as home based agents, writers, transcriptionists and customer service representatives, as well as other work at home positions. The jobs listed aren’t just for employees, but also freelancers and independent contractors.
  • The FlexJobs site. This database of 25,000 work at home companies also has a list of the 100 top companies offering telecommuting job opportunities.
  • Forbes also has a list of 100 work from home companies
  • Remote Employment is a jobs board which specialises in work at home jobs.
  • Undress for Success is a similar site dedicated to telecommuting opportunities.
  • Finally, the directory WAHM has lots of work from home jobs listings.

Job searching on social media

Nearly 95 percent of employers are using social media to recruit. So if you don’t use it to search for jobs, you’ll miss opportunities. Following Twitter accounts devoted to specific industry jobs listings or telecommuting listings is a great place to start. You can also follow employment agencies or companies you want to work for. Another smart thing to do if you’re eyeing a specific company is to connect with their employees on LinkedIn, and check the company’s Facebook page to find out more. Recruiters often post open positions in Facebook status updates.

Roll your own

You can also get creative and create your own job. If you’re bilingual, consider offering your services as a tutor. If you have strong IT skills you could teach others, build websites or even pen-test. If you’re good at spelling, you could work online as a content writer, editor or proofreader. You could advertise your business to the public on sites such as Gumtree, Ineed or Craigslist, or alternatively register on industry-specific websites and offer your services there. And remember to spread the word locally to your friends and (ex)colleagues. A professional looking website and possibly a social media presence would be advantageous, too.

Creating your own job gives you a lot of control (and it means you won’t have to navigate the scams). But freelancing also comes with less stability and you’ll have to manage your own tax contributions.

What sort of telecommuting job is right for you?

Now that you know where to search for work at home jobs, it’s time to decide what sort of telecommuting job would best fit your lifestyle. Do you want to telecommute full time or are you planning to do it part time? This is an important consideration because different home-based jobs require different amounts of time. Some work from home opportunities might take up just a couple of hours per day. Other telecommuting jobs have hours which are similar to the 9 to 5.

If you want to keep your day job while also working from home then a part time home-based job is the right choice for you. If you prefer to do two or more home-based jobs, choose positions with less hours. Becoming a freelancer might also work for you.

A great first step is to check the specific websites for companies you’d like to work for (and remember to check their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts for open positions, too - a lot of recruiting takes place on social media these days.) Then you can find jobs with other companies on directories and sites which deal solely with telecommuting jobs. Jobs which promise you lots of money with little investment of time are scams. With that in mind, happy job-hunting!


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