Find Your Purpose in Life

“Hay gente para todo” is a nifty Mexican expression that translates into English as, “There are people for everything.” For the world to function, people must, and can, contribute in all manner of ways.

Meaning of Life

But we must contribute where we can offer the most value. Many of us struggle to find this elusive place, our ‘purpose’. Like a master sculptor, we’ve chipped away at ourselves in the hope of discovering the revelation of what we’re here to do – but our introspection reveals nothing. We are constantly frustrated in our attempts to locate it. Yet we hear of those fortunate enough to find their calling or their purpose from an early age, be they musicians, novelists, doctors, priests or aid workers.

A clear purpose is the anchor that will help you through the fluctuations of life. It helps you make a life, not a living. And it gives a structure to life, the kind of structure that forces you to reflect on how you spend your time, for example.

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The following TED talk by Adam Leipzig attempts to help those who continue to struggle to discover where they are best able to provide value. If this sounds like you, it may help to move you further forward in your quest to find your life’s purpose. You’ll discover  powerful questions to ask yourself, questions that, answered honestly and thoughtfully, will point you in the right direction towards your true purpose.

Have you discovered what your purpose in life is yet? Your thoughts and comments below please...