Finding a Job While Working

A full week’s work is exhausting at the best of times, but how do we balance working full time while trying to search for a job? Though it can be tiring trying to balance the two, there are a number of ways in which this can be achieved.

Use the guide below to conduct a more effective job search while working...  

Do not search for jobs while you’re at work

As tempting as it can be to search for jobs whilst at work; don’t. Most companies keep track of their employees’ internet and email usage, so if you’re spending your lunch breaks browsing the latest jobs, put a stop to it and continue with your search from home!

Devote specific times to your search

Are you a morning person? If so, wake up 1 hour earlier and dedicate that hour every day (or every other day if it’s too much) specifically to searching for employment. This should be a quiet, personal time that is void of disruptions, so if the morning’s not the right time for you, find a better, quieter time, such as in the evening.

Be wary of how you dress

If your office’s dress code is fairly casual, be wary of the days where you have been invited for an interview. Bear in mind that you will be coming into the office dressed up for a job interview, so consider getting changed on your way back to the office.  

Be organised

Keep a diary of all of your job seeker targets for a given week, and try to stick to them. It is important to be consistent when searching for a job, and by keeping to a timetable, you will be that bit closer to meeting your employment targets.

Don’t let yourself get stressed


Though it is important to be proactive, reducing your stress levels is equally as important. Concentrate on your personal wellbeing as well as searching for employment. You don’t want to burn yourself out unnecessarily, so be sure to spend a night watching a film, having a relaxing bath or just forgetting about your employment responsibilities temporarily.