Fire Service in Slovenia

The fire service in Slovenia is made up of volunteer and professional fire fighters. The firefighting organization largely comprises of volunteer fire units, which are not for profit organizations and funded by Slovenian government. Voluntary fire departments can also accept private donations, however their primary support if form the government and local communities.

Voluntary fire departments

There are currently around 1295 volunteer fire service department in Slovenia, with approximately 140,000 voluntary firefighters. Individuals interested in becoming a voluntary fire fighter should note that the services provided by the voluntary departments are varied, and include all fire rescue activities and other local community activities.

Professional fire service

Slovenia has around 34 ‘career’ (professional) fire service departments and approximately 900 professional (full time) firefighters. These professional departments are responsible for providing fire safety and rescue service in the larger cities, airports and industrial estates.

The Ministry of Defense in Slovenia financially supports public fire departments, however, funding for professional/private fire departments come from the employers of the departments i.e. airports.

Education and qualifications

It should be noted that professional firefighting training must be completed by both professional and voluntary firefighters. Training for professional firefighters is a 2-year program, after which students become fire officers. Education for voluntary firefighters comprises of basic, supplementary, and permanent education and training.

 Applicable laws for fire and rescue services in Slovenia:

  • Protection Against Natural and Other Disasters Act
  • Fire Protection Act
  • Fire Service Act