Five Free Language Learning Platforms for Students and Professionals

Learning a second language has various advantages. Some people love to learn Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese for fun; others have to discover their roots through intellectual curiosity. Your choice of learning a language depends upon the country you plan to travel. For example, if you’re traveling to Dubai, you’ll learn Arabic. In the same way, if you’re to leave for China you must learn Chinese.

Here are some exceptional tools you can use to learn a second language:

  1.  Memrise
  • Memrise uses mnemonic flash cards. You can learn new vocabulary from these animated cards. These cards offers exciting visually stimulating ways of learning
  • Its Facebook log-in allows you share your learning materials with the friends
  • It comes with community generated option, which means the learning materials and contents are regularly updated
  • Exceptional way to learn a wide array of languages free of cost. But the tool isn’t comprehensive for advanced learners
  1.  Internet Polyglot
  • Flash card style lessons make your learning process amazing
  • You can use this tool with no sign-up, and access the learning contents quickly
  • Highly supportive for multiple language learners
  • Contains limited amounts of learning content, so isn’t suitable for advanced learners
  • It’s simple-to-understand flash card games make your learning stuff exciting
  • Download the mobile app from the official website
  1.  Lang-8
  • Lang-8 lets you learn basic and advanced languages from the comfort of your home
  • You can save learning materials, and keep journals of languages which is a fun-filled way of looking back and refreshing your mind
  • This website focuses on written language materials. The stuff tutors publish is reviewed by millions of people worldwide
  • An online tutor is always there to correct your errors while you’re studying
  • Lang-8 itself has no lesson plans, and course contents. It is more like a trial-by-fire platform for learners
  1.  Duolingo
  • All learning materials are accessible for free
  • Duolingo is supportive for the sophisticated languages like German, Spanish, French, and Arabic
  • Fully-featured mobile app for iOS and Android is available
  • You can create an account to share the contents at Facebook and Google+
  • Stuff like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Farsi, Hindi, and Urdu isn’t available
  • Learning experience is well-formatted like a game
  • Offers both diploma and certificate courses
  1.  Busuu
  • Its features include interactive learning options of reading, writing, and speaking
  • Free study materials are available for those who want to learn Chinese and Russian
  • Contents are sharable with Facebook and Google+ friends
  • Mobile app is also available for iPhone and iOS users
  • Pay for getting full access to grammar worksheets, and obtain an official certificate of language completion
  • It misses Middle Eastern languages
  • Certificate of completion is awarded to the students who’ve scored well during a specific online class
  • Be financially savvy. Be sure that what you can offer is going to make money before you jump ship from your regular job. Start out part time, or do some freelancing in your free time. You’ll soon learn if there is a market for what you’re offering

Be financially savvy, make sure what you learn is going to benefit your business. Start from simple languages, and move on towards advanced learning tools. Pick your poison, dig in, and start learning; the resourced are readily availible. 

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