Five of the Most Innovative Business Card Designs

The humble business card acts as a representative element for a business. A well-designed business card is very important because it serves as a “first impression” which has promotional values attached to it. When it is handed to potential clients or customers it should entice them to engage with a business at a later date. Not only that, superbly designed business cards should also have a subtle allure about them.

Any business large or small can benefit from a brilliantly designed business card. These cards can boost consumer and client numbers dramatically by simply being visually attractive. If you own your own business, here are five innovative business cards that will inspire you to do something a little different and creative with your next batch of business cards.

Bombay Bakery

Paper is out, pastry is in. The Bombay Bakery has taken the very concept of business card design, and made it delicious. These edible business cards (seen in the main article image) are available in various flavours which include chocolate and vanilla, and they are delightfully unique. They do a great job of capturing the attention of the business’s target audience.

Ok, so these cards aren’t exactly the most practical of business cards - but you have to acknowledge the iconic attributes that these cards possess in regards to business card innovation.

Norburn Model Aircraft Supply

Business cards are now airborne. Norburn Model Aircraft Supply’s business card has a striking visual impact which is important in the competitive realm of business. It was printed on balsa wood using a laser die cutting technique which gives the card a creative edge.

Image credit - Jeff Harrison, Rethink Canada, and produced by Sheila Santa Barbara.

To answer that burning question of “can this card actually fly?” Yes, it can. Check out this video.

Laser Printing Inc.

Wonderfully clever, distinctive and representational of how people use the web to search for businesses and services, Laser Printing Inc.’s Google business card is a clear winner. This business card works because it manages to nail three hallmarks of great business card design - visual impact, creativity and identity.

Image credit - Kyle Laser

Business cards that don’t follow mundane trends of just being sleekly designed are more likely to appeal to consumers and clients. Of course design is everything, but business cards like this one go one step further and show the type of flair that is important in regards to how business cards should be designed.

Koji Sueyoshi

This business card takes portraying you and your business’ identity to the next level. Koji Sueyoshi, a designer who designed these cards himself, has come up with a business card that is not only distinctive but visually engaging as well. Sometimes it’s not just all about what is written on a business card, it’s about the form of the business card itself.

 Image credit - Koji Sueyoshi

 Just in case you have another burning question of “can this business card actually be played?” No, the card isn’t playable (it would be very cool if that was possible though.)

Broke Bike Alley

Business cards that are multi-functional and can double up as a handy tool are a stroke of genius. Broke Bike Alley’s business card combines a creative concept and clean cut design that leaves the recipient of the card in no doubt about the business and the services that it offers.

Image credit - Rethink Canada

This card has served its purpose in every way possible and shows that with the right conceptual approach, a business card can be very beneficial for a business.

It helps to know which business card designs are the right ones for your business, so if you’re not the most design savvy person on the planet, hopefully, some of these business cards have given you a rough idea about what your printed ink jet cards are up against.

Main article image credit - Ashutosh Karkhanis, Dizzy Design