Five Unbelievable Success Stories in Mobile Marketing


The mobile market is exploding, as the number of mobile devices produced begins to outnumber the number of people the global population. One short and fast way of reaching out to millions of customers is through mobile devices. Any startup or online marketing company can take advantage of this situation to increase sales and profits. The trick lies in developing a sure-shot strategy to tap the burgeoning market. Here are five mobile marketing strategies that did this masterfully.

The North Face

This leading outdoor garment company makes a line of apparel like coats, shirts, fleece, and other outerwear. It also produces tents, backpacks, sleeping backs and similar gear. The company probably owes its world leader status to the unique method called GEO-Fencing that uses mobile devices to attract customers to walk into their stores. 79% of those polled report it was the message on the mobile phone that urged them to step into the store.  A customer just needs to have a GPS enabled mobile phone and sign up for the scheme. Whenever they are within range of any of the stores across the country, a text message urges them to step right in. As a result, nearly 65% of the purchases are attributed to these timely reminders. GEO-fences typically reach out to mobiles within a radius of half a mile to any store.


The tech giant - Intel chose a simpler path to perfect its mobile marketing techniques.  They did away with the need for any jazzy interface and chose to rely on a B2B search campaign for which the customers were expected to pay.  Known as ‘Meet the Processors’, the campaign rode to success using the tested keyword search technique that let their customers learn about the latest processors Intel sold.

It is not surprising that Bing mobile search produced 40% better results than a traditional online search. With frequent advertisements on several preferred mobile websites such as CBS and CNN, the bounce rates were reduced considerably compared to regular online advertisements.

It pays to study keyword research related to mobiles in order to learn how customers search using their mobile phones. It is better not to restrict searches to Google alone, it pays to check out what Yahoo and Bing can do to draw mobile customers.

Ikea’s App for Catalogue

Ikea launched a brilliant app along with its latest catalogue in 2010. The two main highlights of the app were a feature that allowed users to take a few tests that helped identify a style unique to them, and another one that let them visualize how a particular piece of furniture would look in their homes.

A user could easily access a picture, and with the help of the camera in any mobile phone, a splendid 3D image could be created to visualize how a piece of furniture would appear when placed in their living room or bedroom. Purchasing furniture no longer posed any problems, and folks could virtually sit at home and order exactly what they wanted.

As far as Ikea was concerned, the very purpose of the app made a simple task like furnishing a home, a lot more exciting and creative. What’s more is the entire exercise of purchasing furniture became a lot simpler, urging customers to browse the catalogue and choose what they fancied.


With the mobile revolution entering every sphere of commercial activity, even established chains like Starbucks seized the opportunity that helped their customers pay for the coffee in an easier and quicker manner. During the month of January in 2011, almost 68,000 Starbucks outlets in the United States were enabled to accept mobile payments through a program called Starbucks Card Mobile. In a span of just three months, the number of users exceeded 3 million, and there were several reasons why this app was such a hit.

In addition to simplifying the task of buying coffee, the app encouraged the customers to visit the store repeatedly. The loyal customers appreciated the novel methods the company had adopted. In addition to the brand’s popularity increasing, customers are happy with a new mobile experience that tends to make life easier.


This is probably one of the unprecedented mobile marketing drives according to some people, who swear by it. Chiptole, which is making waves in the fast-food experience and becoming increasingly popular, thanks at least in part to its Food With Integrity concept. This is an endeavor to use the best of ingredients produced in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Promotion of this eco-friendly gesture took off well with the help of an animated film uploaded on YouTube, along with a mobile game that was specially developed for the occasion. With over 6.5 million people viewing the film on YouTube, and the game called Chiptole Scarecrow featuring in the top 15 free iOS apps, success was guaranteed.

The success stories of these five brands are learning lessons to many upcoming entrepreneurs. It simply shows the importance of thinking differently to achieve big success. In business, often, small changes can lead to big success.

Hope you are inspired by these five business stories. 




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