Floyd Mayweather’s Career Earnings Just Got Serious

Professional American boxer, Floyd Mayweather, was guaranteed a record breaking $41.5 million for his fight with Mexican born Saul “Canelo Alvarez last weekend. The 36-year-old undefeated champion, who has won eight world titles, risked his title to fight the 23-year-old unbeaten Junior Middleweight athlete in the show of all shows, to prove he is the greatest fighter in the world.

Why risk the title after 17 years of being undefeated some may ask? Maybe it was the phenomenal payout that intrigued Mayweather into fighting Canelo? Afterall, the champ was not just guaranteed $41.5 million, but also made millions in pay-per-view revenue. His position in Forbes’ list of 50 highest-paid athletes of 2012 is sure to have climbed several places this year, especially now his earnings are thought to hit $350 million.

In the biggest payday of Mayweathers career, it is safe to say the boxer has firmly cemented his position as one of the most advanced fighters of all time. He is a tactician in the ring, and a businessman outside of it.

A businessman’s thinking…

Floyd’s brand: Floyd “Money” Mayweather has gone global. His merchandise ranges from t-shirts to snap backs and he uses his branding as a significant source of income. Mayweather is a true business thinker; early on, he recognised his earnings were limited as a boxer and so created his own production company, Mayweather Promotions, in an effort to gain control of the revenue streams of his fights. This goes to show that his ambition is huge as both a fighter and business professional.

While many thought that Mayweather would retire soon, the star has much more to show. It is expected that Mayweather will fight British born Amir Khan in one of the most spectacular fights ever, although we will have to wait for 2014 to see that! But suffice to say, the payout Mayweather will receive for the Khan fight will most likely put his $41.5 million to shame!


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