Fly Like James Madison

It might seem a little ambitious to emulate someone as great as James Madison. He was one of the most influential men in US history and father of the Constitution. However, trying to emulate him isn’t as impossible as we may think. He lived by simple principles that have led him to become one of the greatest and most memorable men in history. So don’t think that we can’t fly like he did, soar as high as he ever did, we can be just like him too.

For people who are trying to make it in their respective industries, trying to carve out a career that would require all that they’ve got, a little guidance from the former president can do wonders. Madison himself faced greater trials than we can ever fathom and he breezed through them by practicing and believing in his principles. It can be a living mantra that can help guide people to grow in their career. And it’s not just professional growth but emotional as well.

The Basic Principles

How Madison came to become the great man that he was, a president, the founder of the US opposition party and the father of the Constitution and Bill of Rights among other things, was actually based on simple beliefs that any working professional can employ in order to better succeed in his or her career.


While it may seem unusual that a great man like Madison could be as humble and modest as possible, he was. In fact, his friend Thomas Jefferson thought that he was not aggressive enough because of this trait.

Being modest at work, yet, still show our greatest capacity and ability to deliver high quality service which can user us a long way forward in our careers. We should be careful not to offend anyone with our behaviour and yet, manage to impress them with the quality of our work.

Hard work

Madison kept pushing himself to work harder more than anybody else. He did this with a vengeance and even arrived several days early for the Constitution Convention in 1787. He spent his free time well by rallying other delegates to agree to his plan.

Like Madison, we need to strive as hard as we can in order to stay competitive in our professions and careers. The only way that we can keep ahead of the pack is by giving it our best shot and that would mean working hard for it.


Madison didn’t always get what he wanted. In fact, the signed Constitution in 1787 was not what he had in mind and missed crucial provisions. However, he did not let this deter him or make him lose hope to keep improving the Constitution.

Likewise, we probably do not always get the best out of different situations at work. We may be bypassed for a certain promotion, our proposals could be ignored and junked and whatever things that could break us down, could happen. However, the key is to be able to withstand whatever comes our way and that requires flexibility on our part to deal with it effectively.


Madison didn’t always stay as he was. He first advocated for a strong central government but later changed his mind when he saw that the government was too strong and that it had become a problem.

As we grow, in our lives and in our careers, we expect to encounter situations that change us. Change isn’t always bad nor is it always good. The perfect situation would be for us know when it is time to make a change for the better.

Family orientation

Madison’s wife Dolly was a sensation back in her days. She was a great entertainer and helped Madison in securing his seat as a President by charming the congressmen and senators.

Our families should be valued just as much as Madison valued his wife. While we may not be aware of it, our strong ties with our family often reflects positively on our work as we show that we are committed and we know how to value the things that matter most.


While Madison was a great man with all the right qualities that would make him successful, he was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. His expertise and commitment drove him to capture the most opportune moment to shine.

Without luck, we couldn’t really be as successful as we hope to be. We can have all the right qualities and capabilities and yet this would amount to nothing if no great opportunity presents itself so we can shine. As much as we hate to admit it, luck often plays a very important role in our success.

Being able to fly like James Madison is not just an elusive dream. With the right attitude and determination, we can easily go after what we want and be successful in our endeavors.