Flying too Long? Cabin Crew Humour!

After being Cabin Crew for a few years, you start to notice certain traits and habits appearing out of no-where that have seemingly crept up on you through the jetlagged days and nights. Suddenly you realize that your life is so much about your job that the two overlap and things get well – confusing! It is a very humorous side to our work that anyone who has been Cabin Crew for a few years will understand and even those frequent travelers may appreciate…

You know when you have been flying too long when:

  1. All of your pens have hotel names on them
  2. You look for the ‘flush’ button in the bathroom
  3. When someone presses the doorbell you look at the ceiling
  4. You can eat a 3 course meal in 2 minutes whilst standing in the kitchen, preferably behind a curtain
  5. Three alarm clocks seems perfectly normal
  6. You never unpack your suitcase
  7. You look for the brake on your trolley at the supermarket
  8. When you get home from a trip, you immediately prop the door open with your suitcase and check inside the wardrobe, under the bed and behind the shower curtain
  9. You stop at each fire extinguisher you see and check it is in the green gauge
  10. You know if a bag will fit in the overhead locker at 50 paces
  11. You tell your partner you are putting out the ‘gash’ (technical term - rubbish!)
  12. You try and renovate your apartment and realize it looks like a hotel room
  13. You refer to cities by airport code
  14. You notice a difference in shape of ice cubes
  15. When serving a drink to guests at home you ask ‘Would you like ice and lemon with that?’
  16. The first thing you say in the morning is ‘Did you sleep?’
  17. You ask your partner when serving dinner, if he wants chicken or beef?
  18. You become fascinated by toilets in different countries and bring the rest of the crew to see
  19. You take your car to the mechanic and refer to the gear box as the ‘landing gear’
  20. You write ‘chix’ instead of chicken on every shopping list/recipe
  21. You know how to say ‘A beer please’ in at least 6 languages
  22. You can’t sleep without the noise of a fan in the background
  23. When asked for directions you point exactly as you would for the emergency exit
  24. You look for the ‘crew line’ at the supermarket, bank or post office
  25. You wake up and have to look at the hotel stationary to see where you are
  26. You spell things out using the phonetic alphabet – Lima Oscar Tango Sierra!
  27. You understand everything on this list…

I’ll admit it. I am guilty of everything on this list. That happens when jet lag, cabin crew and life collide. I still love my job and I’m sure any Cabin Crew out there will understand… If you do happen to see me at the supermarket looking for the brake on my trolley, it’s ok I am not crazy – just Cabin Crew.

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