How to Focus on your Job Without Coffee


Most people usually counter lazy and boring hours in the workplace with coffee. Coffee helps us to focus, but it has detrimental effects on your performance when you consume a lot of it. The caffeine in coffee causes anxiety, insomnia and nervousness when over consumed. There are other ways to help you keep a laser focus on your work aside from coffee. Before you think of coffee the next time you are losing focus, try one or all of the following ways.

Listen to Music

Lengthy, vocal-less and uniform tempo music frees up your mind. Since there are no vocals, your mind will not get drawn into the music and divert its attention from work. The uniform tempo will help you to concentrate and promote creativity because it encourages abstract thinking. Avoid listening to music with words that will make you start thinking out of the work bracket. Such music will counter your concentration and diverge your focus on work. Good music is music that does not engage your mind, but frees it and helps you to focus. A uniform tempo music will keep you motivated. In addition, it will contribute to boosting productivity, therefore, making it a great substitute for coffee to maintain focus on your job.

Exercise Regularly

You are fully aware of what exercise does to your health when you work out. The benefits, of exercising, extend beyond making you fit and healthy. Exercising can also make you focus on your job. Before you go to work, spare 30 minutes or so for exercise. Working out yields better results when done on a regular basis. Your body can focus on a particular task when it’s highly stimulated. Therefore, going to work after a workout session is highly encouraged. Due to the congested schedule that you may have, try starting with simple and short-timed exercises first to boost your morale.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep may sound like a retro method, but it works wonders for your health as well as your focus and productivity at work the next day. A good night sleep rests your body and mind. During a tired and sleepy spell, your body releases adenosine hormone that harms your concentration. The best way to get rid of it is getting enough sleep. Enough sleep frees your body from anxiety and tiredness that make your mind tired and consequently losing focus. Getting eight-hours sleep nowadays is becoming difficult as people work longer hours than decades back. Lack of sleep is detrimental to your focus at work, and eventually it also harms your health.

Drink Water

Dehydration inhibits your ability to focus. Drinking water will not only help to quench your thirst but refresh you. Ensure you have a water bottle near you to take a sip whenever you feel you are starting to feel fatigued or losing concentration. Apart from easy reach, having drinking water near you will also help you evade distractions that may divert your focus when going to fetch water from the dispenser.

Just remember to us these tips the next time you feel you are losing focus. Another significant tip is never to skip breakfast. Use these methods, and you’ll improve your productivity at work.




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