Following After Kristen Walker and Letting It All Go

Kirsten Walker, the professionally trained and widely followed life coach is known for his ability of teaching life skills to individuals in their twenties and thirties. He has now come up with a great solution to the biggest problem faced by the human race today, the desire of reaching newer heights and attaining tougher goals. Walker is suggesting people to shed the “I should be there by now” attitude and embrace the life they already have and the things they have already achieved.

By putting too much pressure on themselves for accomplishing goals, people eventually make life more difficult and tiresome. Walker has admitted that he knows a thing or two about such situations as he also committed the mistake of putting too much pressure on himself by having some “widely high expectations”.

The common perception is that the burden of expectation is something that stems from different external sources; in Walker’s case, however, he was the person putting pressure on himself. This is not an uncommon situation; often people end up having expectations that are too high in spite of having really supportive teachers, friends and parents who don’t pressurize them to do anything in particular or set goals for them.

So, how to beat the problem and live life to the fullest?

To make his life a happy journey again, Walker decided to do whatever that can be done for releasing the pressure he had put on himself. While doing so he found that a large share of his coaching clients is also struggling with the same problem. He particularly noticed that people tend to struggle a lot and end up putting excessive pressure on themselves when figuring out their passion (these may include career, side hustle, hobby etc.) i.e. the thing they will love doing the most and never tired of doing.

According to Walker, he has seen many exclaiming that they have already attained a particular age, but still haven’t figured out what should be done with their lives. People with such confusions can be of any age between 21 and 65.

Walker tells all his clients that there’s no need of making any of their life decisions permanent. The more one will think that he or she should have been in a certain position at a given time the more pressure will mount on that person.

It’s true that the most conventional suggestion one receives as a 18 of 19 year old is decide what he/she wants to do in life and pick the college major based on that; going by this theory, having a degree eventually helps the person getting a job in the field picked by him as a student.

However, Walker feels that this process puts too much pressure on the young shoulders. Thus, to pick the right career, instead of brainstorming to find out the thing they would love to do for the rest of their life, people should ask themselves “what I love doing now?” The decision you take based on the answer to this question might definitely change after some time. To remain happy, you must accept the change gleefully; and there are reasons to be glad about such changes, they prevent life from getting boring.