Following Pete Cashmore - Founder of Mashable

It is probably a secret desire of everybody to make it big in the world. However, this seems to be a chance given only to those who are born privileged. So when we hear success stories of people who somehow made it against all odds, this piques our interest.  

Pete Cashmore was a sickly young boy when he turned to internet as an escape of his plight. Instead of feeling defeated and small, he tried to find ways to make himself feel more significant. Several years later, he became the founder of Mashable, a popular technology blog.

His story is an inspiration to us all. It can help us overcome the struggles and road blocks that we encounter in life. In order to succeed in our chosen profession and career, we need to push hard and learn from others. We need to start following Pete Cashmore.

Making it to the top

When Cashmore started Mashable in 2005, he was probably in the same position as millions of other people were – young, without experience and only had a pocketful of dreams to guide him. He knew then that in order to make it, he would have to work harder than he ever had.  Here are a few things that we can pick up from him.

  • Finding our passion

This may sound like the most cliché remark and advice because it is constantly repeated. However, it is always on repeat because it is true. Cashmore found his passion early on and he never let go of his drive. He even left college just to pursue what he really loved.

  • Making the most out of our situation

We are not always born with privilege. But instead of allowing this to bring us down and viewing our circumstances as restrictions, we need to find the opportunity that is lurking around the corner. Cashmore wasn’t born in the Silicon Valley where he may have found great opportunities. Rather, he was born in a quiet town. But he found his way around this and used his knowledge as an outsider to connect the world of technology to the rest of the world.

  • Taking time off

It’s not just merely taking time off to be able to relax. Usually, we would need to take a step back in order to evaluate and assess our work. We cannot keep pushing on blindly. Cashmore always had what he called as his “creative space” in order to create. He did not allow others to disturb him while he was in this zone.

  • Put your best foot forward

At the end of the day, in the business and corporate world, you need to show people that you are capable of doing all that you can. And this would also mean looking the part. Cashmore was very young when he first started Mashable. So he made himself seem more mature to gain the trust and respect of his peers.

Staying at the top

Climbing your way up the corporate ladder or establishing a name for yourself is just one battle in an unending war. One of the reasons why Cashmore became successful is because he never stopped. He didn’t stop learning about new things. He didn’t stop improving and innovating. He simply did not stop.

  • Stay grounded

Cashmore, for the longest time, did not tell his parents about Mashable because he was waiting for it to become something big. His parents later heard about it on the news. In order to stay at the top, we need to be like him also. We need to always be grounded.

  • We will need a follow through

Sometimes, doing the nitty-gritty and daily work is the most difficult part. Creative ideas can come easily, especially if we have a stroke of genius. However, Cashmore sustained those ideas and the real work began.

Cashmore understood the need to deal with the most cumbersome tasks. He did not have to like this part of the job but it was absolutely necessary to keep his business afloat.

  • Becoming a leader, not a boss

Being a good boss is great, but becoming a great leader is ideal. Cashmore’s full potential was unlocked when working with together to chase his passion with people of similar interests, guiding his subordinates as he grew and guided himself.

Cashmore has a belief that people always work better when they are doing something that they love. So he makes it a point to get to know his people so he could assign tasks that he knows they would thrive on.

The Most Important Lesson of All

Perhaps the most important lesson that Cashmore can impart to us is keeping a positive outlook no matter what. He didn’t have the easiest of childhood. He was stuck sick in a bed for months at a time. However, he thought of ways that would make him feel more significant. He knew that it was possible and didn’t let any negativity stop him from doing so.

Like him, we need to find the good in our lives in order to not feel defeated. Circumstance is not always kind to us. More often than not, it can bring us down. But we must always remember that there are things that we can work on that can help improve the quality of our life. However, we wouldn’t be able to see that if we don’t keep a happy and positive disposition.

The road to success is not an easy one for sure. However, the most valuable lesson that Cashmore can impart to us is that though the road may be difficult and not without its stumbling blocks, it is not impossible. There is always a light at the end of tunnel. So let us push on and follow Pete Cashmore’s example.

Image Sourced: Pete Cashmore