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woman opening the window
FOOD & FITNESS / JUL 18, 2016

When you are sick nobody wants to be around you. If you want to avoid this you really should do something about it. These are tips you should try out. There is nothing...
Pretty young woman eating an apple
FOOD & FITNESS / MAR 31, 2016

They say “happy wife, happy life”, but in the business world, “healthy employees, healthy business” is more appropriate. Of all the things we can think of that are good...
workout buddy
FOOD & FITNESS / MAR 30, 2016

We all know that after you get a job, your entire day schedule will change, and you will have to quit some of the things you used to do as an unemployed, free person. But...
woman doing crunches holding weight
FOOD & FITNESS / MAR 04, 2016

There are plenty of grey and grubby office jobs available on Indeed and Monster, but do you really want to be handcuffed to a desk for the rest of your career? You’re a...
a five-step guide to better office lunches infographic
FOOD & FITNESS / FEB 16, 2016

Have you ever had to catch up on work and were forced to stay in for lunch? You end up eating your lunch at your desk and are unable to properly enjoy your food. While...
Demi Lovato eating lunch
FOOD & FITNESS / DEC 04, 2015

If your idea of a lunch break is staring at your Twitter feed while scarfing down a chicken sandwich, you’re not alone. That’s actually how the majority of people spend...
lose weight with tequilla
FOOD & FITNESS / NOV 25, 2015

Is this for real? Can tequila actually burn fat? Well sign me in. It’s not like anyone ever needed a reason to get wasted, but knowing there is an alcoholic drink that...
office chair
FOOD & FITNESS / NOV 19, 2015

By now you have heard that sitting too many hours at a time does your body harm.   For sure, planting yourself in a chair for eight hours a day is detrimental to your...
autumn girl
FOOD & FITNESS / OCT 26, 2015

Each season brings certain changes like fashion or food, other than weather, of course. Somehow the food in autumn and winter is heavier than during summer or spring. We...
Woman holding nose
FOOD & FITNESS / OCT 24, 2015

You want to feel comfortable at work… or at least as comfortable as you can feel somewhere that isn’t home, and you really have no choice about being there. You might...
sugar sweet taste
FOOD & FITNESS / OCT 21, 2015

Staying fit and healthy is something with which the majority of us are concerned and we are lucky since it has never been easier to lead a healthy life. Thanks to healthy...
Girls jumping
FOOD & FITNESS / OCT 13, 2015

Coffee: it’s a beautiful thing. It lifts our spirits, can literally be the only thing that gets us out of bed in the morning, and wakes us up when we need to be...
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