Food Hacks for Young Professionals

So, food, huh? Statistically, 100% of the population that works also eats. The problem is that fast food, although as rapid as the name indicates, is supremely unhealthy. Home-cooked meals, on the other hand, are healthier but much less speedy. So, what do you do? Eat calorie-packed, artery-clogging fast food or do you spend what little free time you have prepping, shopping and cooking meals? Here are a few food hacks every young professional should know.

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Dinner in a Box - you just have to cook it

The companies below deliver recipes and the ingredients necessary to make them, straight to your door. All you have to do is cook them and put them on a plate… I guess you could use a Frisbee if you don’t have any clean dishes… It’s like having a nutritionist and a personal chef in a box. Just a disclaimer: the box thing I mentioned about nutritionists and chefs should not be tried at home. Both groups of people get highly agitated when put in boxes; trust me, I speak from experience.

  • Blue Apron - $59.94 for three meals a week (each meal feeds two people).
  • Plated - $12 per chef-designed plate per week.
  • Sweet Roots NYC - $75 per week for 3 organic meals a week; personalized menu taking into consideration health goals, taste preferences, and cooking abilities.

Flexible Cutting Board

One of the more laborious parts of cooking at home is the cleaning up. A flexible cutting board will help you avoid any accidental spillage, because you can curve it into a loose funnel and direct what you cut into its intended receptacle. OK, it doesn’t help you cook, but it does help you with the prepping.

Grilled Cheese Pouches

Panini grills are great for a quick hot meal. But what if you only have a toaster? What do you do? Well, you can purchase these reusable, washable pouches for just about $10 and use them to make a hearty hot panini.

Wine-Infused Cedar Plank or Himalayan Salt Block

When cooking at home it’s difficult to replicate the rich, flavorful restaurant tastes. These two items not only will infuse the food with tons of flavor, it will also make cooking a little bit more fun. You either cook the food on them over your heat source or you can heat the salt block and cook directly on it.

Microwavable Meals - from Scratch

Greatist offers a long list of quick microwavable meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its offerings include quick snacks to full-on meals. From a one-minute quiche to a quick, easy polenta or a chocolate chip cake in a cup, these recipes will get you from kitchen to table in four minutes flat.

The Super-Hero of Health

If you haven’t heard of celebrity chef and television personality Jamie Oliver, let me introduce you: Jamie Oliver is a British chef that managed to reform the U.K. stance on junk and processed foods in British schools. He is also well-known for his healthy and quick recipes for people on the run. You can find a myriad of delicious and super quick meals on his website, so you don’t have to opt for chicken chow mein for a third time this week.

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Are you a young professional hard-pressed for time and found creative ways to eat healthy? Let us know in the comment section below!




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