Fostering Excellence in the Workplace

Excelling in the workplace is one of the characteristics that any employer would want to see in his crew. However, it is also one of the hardest traits to acquire. So, how do you encourage your employees to do better at their work?

Making the Company’s Goals Also the Workers’

Of course, you have already outlined company goals to employees the moment they stepped in to work. But do they really share your visions? The thing is, more often than not, employees have entirely different motivations for working, such as paying their bills, which are often totally unaligned with that of the business.

In order to have your people follow the company’s goals to heart, they need to know what it means to them. Explain clearly how meeting business goals are going to translate to meeting their own goals. Keep in mind though that before you can do that, you have to also understand the individual goals that your employees have.

Encouraging People

As is with other areas, striving for excellence in the workplace begins when employees have their hard work recognized by the higher ups. A simple pat on the shoulder is a great gesture of showing your appreciation for workers’ hard work. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Come up with other ways, like a fun Employee of the Week award, to further get them pumped up.

Another important key to encouraging workers to do better, according to Laura Stack, is by giving them a sense of empowerment. You should always listen to your employees’ opinions regarding the decisions you have to make for the business. If they feel that they have a voice on important matters, they themselves will be the ones to search for better ways to improve their work and the company’s performance.

Creating a Positive Company Culture

To really strive for excellence, the above two things must come together to create a positive culture for the business. Always emphasize the positive values that are needed to move the business forward. Of course, it shouldn’t be just about posting inspirational quotes. How you go doing your own work of running the business will eventually rub off to your workers.

Working environment also plays a big role in encouraging excellence. Provide your employees with all the tools they need in order to do a better work. Also, make sure that they are comfortable in doing all the tasks at hand.

Maintaining a Proper Work-life Balance

Striving for excellence does not mean that people have to continuously push themselves to the limit just to get the results they want. In fact, doing that can cause even more problems. Kelly Hawker says that

“As managers, it is valuable to be able to assist our employees in finding equilibrium between the amount of time devoted to requirements of the workplace and the amount of time needed to experience contentment in their personal lives.”

Encourage your workers to maintain the health of their personal lives by giving them as much free time as possible for them to deal with their own matters. This will guarantee that they will come back more determined to do their work better.


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