From Drug Addiction To Directing A Company | Anthony Noud On Rewriting Your Story

Meet Mr. Anthony Noud, a former drug addict who turned his life around and founded an incredibly successful holistic life transformational system in Australia. As he shares his inspirational story, he gives some profound lessons to apply to both your professional and personal life. 

Whether you realise it or not, you are living your life according to a mental script. It is a belief system that contains your values, your views, your self-image, and self worth. These beliefs become so ingrained into your subconscious it puts your life on autopilot. This can be great when you have a mental script that is encouraging and sees you as the victor and hero, but absolutely detrimental if it is a story that is constantly telling you that you are not good enough and not worthy.

Anthony was haunted by a voice that told him he wasn't good enough. He refers to it as a "behaviour dependant model for love." It is a model that only affirms your value based upon your achievements. It took hitting rock bottom for Anthony to realise that the model is absolutely false- a person can find enough gratitude in the present moment and in who they presently are. Seeing this breaks them free from the shackles of this false mindset. It is this very philosophy that is the foundation for Anthony's successful company. 

Here is a breakdown of how to breakthrough:

1. Become teachable.

Anthony says that he came to a point of realising that he didn’t know anything at all. That he didn’t have all the answers. It requires a strong humility that recognises your mistakes came through a lack of knowledge- that opens up the door to gaining the right knowledge. The poet Maya Angelou says, "When you know better, you do better." 

2. Become aware.

There is great power in simply becoming aware of that voice and script that is running through your mind. Begin to take some time to simply sit and reflect on your internal dialogue. How do you perceive yourself? How would you describe yourself? Overall, are your thoughts generally favourable or negative?

3. Challenging your script.

Challenge the negative thoughts that are detrimental to your lifestyle. Consider the validity of your statements- is there any actual grounding or substance behind the statement? Were you really at fault? You need to come to a place of forgiving yourself. You are far harder on yourself than you realise. No doubt we are our own worst critics- but that has to stop!

4. Rewriting your script

As you challenge these negative scripts, begin to replace them with positive affirmations. Think through some of the compliments you have received recently. You may want to write them down and make a list. Think through some of your greatest achievements and victories. Every time a negative statement rears its ugly head, begin to train yourself to replace them.

5. Fusing your inner and outer self

Happiness is holistic. There is a powerful connection between your inner self and outer self. But primary importance needs to go to the inner self. Once you have that solid foundation then you can move onto focusing on your outer self. Anthony explains that getting people in shape is actually the easy part, tackling the mental script is where the battle is.