Funniest Excuses For Not Going To Work– Infographic

Coming up with a plausible reason such as illness, emergencies or commitment to fake a sick day is not uncommon for employees to skip work.  But it seems that certain employees capitalise a great deal on their creative potential to justify their absence. Interestingly, a study revealed that 6 in 10 bosses in the UK don’t believe their employees’ excuses and don’t even hesitate to examine workers’ social media profiles to see if they’re telling the truth.

Read on to find the top funniest excuses employees used to bunk off work:

#1 I had to go for moral support to my “distant” relatives

#2 My fortune teller told me not to go outside

#3 My trousers split and tore, on my way to work

#4 I am a fish lover, and my fish was unwell yesterday

#5 I had to take care of my neighbour’s dogs

#6 I was badly drunk last night and I am suffering from a hangover

#7 I locked myself inside my own house

#8 My mum made my favourite dishes and I overate

A few takeaways

  •           Make sure your house has at least two emergency exits. You are lucky that your house didn’t catch fire when you we locked inside.
  •           Make sure you always have a sewing kit with you on your way to work.
  •           Never trust fortune tellers!
  •           Mourning your sister’s boyfriend’s uncle’s guinea pig’s funeral is NOT a valid excuse to skip a day at work.

Check out this infographic created by JobCluster to get a detailed insight into these hilarious excuses for missing work. I guarantee you will burst into laughter!!  




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