Funny Cartoons You Need to See

social media job interview glasbergen

When you’re unemployed and looking for a job, being contacted for a job interview is the only thing that you want. Though being called in for an interview is exciting, anticipating the job interview itself can create a lot of insecurity and make people feel nervous. You never know which questions will be asked or what the employer expects from you, and you are constantly worried about how to react in any unexpected situation. It is important to be prepared for whatever will happen. In most cases, the more confident and relaxed you look, the better chance you will have of getting the job.

Here are a few cartoons to relax your nerves before your next job interview…

1. Gadgets

job interviewglasbergen

Hide that smartphone.

2. Social Media vs. Recruiter

social media job interviewglasbergen

Saying that can help...

3. Salary

job interviewGlasbergen

Working a lot doesn’t always mean you will get paid a lot.

4. Schedule

job interviewGlasbergen

Don’t ask for this schedule...

5. Management Skills

experience job interviewGlasbergen

Don’t mention that...

6. What you Say and What they See

Job interviewGlasbergen

Be careful how you describe yourself...

7. Goals

job interviewGlasbergen

NEVER say that if you want the job...

8. What You're Looking for

job interviewGlasbergen

If you want to work from home you can try this...

9. The Resume

Job interviewGlasbergen

As long as it’s personalised shouldn’t be a problem, should it?!!?!

10. Singing

Job Interview singingToos

And if all else fails then you know what you have to do

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