How to Further your Career with a Qualification in Sports Management

As football, soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey and other professional athletes battle it out in sport stadiums, behind the scenes are sports managers –professionals who work to ensure the matches are profitable.

These managers handle all the business facets of a sports team, from finance and marketing to personnel management and event superintendence. If you are a business-minded person with a passion for sports, here are the sports management qualifications you can pursue to further your career:

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1. Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

If you’re, somehow, a sports business or management professional without any post-secondary training in this field, then a bachelor’s degree in sports management is the qualification you’ll need to begin the processing of advancing your career. The program will enhance your understanding of sports event promotions, ticket operations, sport law, facility and event management, player representation and sponsorship sales.

Some of the best schools for an undergraduate program in sports management include:

A bachelor’s will typically qualify you for employment in local or regional sports clubs, associations or facilities. To move into the national stage and be hired as a sports manager of a professional soccer club with a cult following, then the qualification you need is a master’s degree in sports management. It will equip you with additional knowledge and skills in sports business research, sports business development and leadership in sports management among other advanced areas. Interested? These are the universities to consider:

2. Professional Certifications

Take a scenario where every job applicant for the sports manager position has a master’s degree. What are your employment chances? Not good, right? Unless you have an additional qualification, such as a professional certification, you can’t hold your head high.

The Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) is one of the few associations that awards professional certifications to sports managers. By earning GAQM Certified Sports Manager (CSM) credential, you will not only be able to demonstrate your competence, but also desire to excel in the field. To earn the CSM credential, you must complete an e-course and pass the certification examination.

The National Council of Youth Sports has also partnered with the George Washington University to offer the Certified Sports Administrator credential, which is deal for professionals who would love to enhance the profitability of youth sports.

3. Workshop/Seminar Certificates

Workshops and seminar certificates can also make a difference in your bid to take your career to the next level.

The North American Association for Sports Management, European Association for Sports Management, and the World Association for Sports Management are some of the top professional organizations in this field that regularly organize workshops, seminars and conferences for sports managers.

By attending these events, you will be awarded a certificate of participation that you can use to demonstrate your professionalism.

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The professional sports industry is awash with cash. In the US alone, it is worth $200 billion. If you want to be involved in the management of this cash, then you already know the credentials you need! Your job is to acquire the one that suits you. Good luck.