Furthering Your Professional Qualifications

If you wish to achieve career success, the best way to do so is to further your professional qualifications through additional study. A career development opportunity could pave the way for learning that enhances one’s skills or career prospects significantly.

There are countless ways to further your professional qualifications, including postgraduate study, obtaining a diploma, or attending seminars, lectures or a workshop. All of these methods will add to your repertoire of professional qualifications, which will undoubtedly contribute to your career success.

The techniques you adopt to further your professional qualifications will vary depending on your personal and financial preferences, including the amount of time you are able to dedicate to additional study and the amount of money you are able to spend on doing so. It is therefore essential to select a career enhancement technique that suits your schedule and personal lifestyle.

Professional courses enable you to do this, whether in your own time on a flexible, long-distance learning course, or as part of regular, fixed period classes. Additional qualifications will help you to achieve your long-term career ambitions and dreams, sooner than you think.

Professional Workshops

A professional workshop is an excellent opportunity to build upon your current skills in a flexible and short-term format. Workshops can be attended on a one-off basis, a weekly basis or a monthly basis; and their purpose is to enable employees to develop specific, professional skills needed in the workplace. Upon completion of a professional workshop, the individual will receive a formal certification or diploma.


Seminars and courses can be attended for a particular period of time that the individual must register for beforehand. The duration of these can vary from a few days or months to a number of years, depending on the particular course you are sitting and the extent of the qualification you wish to obtain.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study is usually more intense than most of the above techniques as it requires you to attend lectures and seminars on a long-term basis in order to obtain a postgraduate certificate, diploma, doctorate or masters degree. Most postgraduate qualifications will include both taught and research-based elements, and are available to anybody who is interested in furthering their professional qualifications. Postgraduate and professional courses give you the opportunity to further your professional qualifications. This can be achieved whilst in full time, part time or temporary employment and is an excellent professional qualification to obtain.

Distance learning

Distance learning enables you to learn in your own time, at home or wherever else you choose, and is one of the most flexible techniques that can be adopted to further one’s professional qualifications. There are many institutions internationally that provide the perfect environment to conduct distance learning:  they provide you with the necessary learning material, give you the support and guidance of a personal tutor, and enable you to take advantage of that particular institution’s learning archives and material.


Many companies offer sponsoring opportunities to employees who wish to further their professional qualifications. This is an effective way of completing a course without gaining significant amounts of debt. Through sponsorship, organizations provide financial assistance to employees to support themselves through additional study.


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