How to Gain the Respect of Your Employees

Have you ever felt that your employees don’t respect you? It may not be a significant issue initially, but as time progresses, you will realise that it is like a ticking time bomb which is waiting to explode.  As it explodes, it disturbs the entire working atmosphere and your work ethics.

Here the basic issue lies when an employee loses the respect and dignity, then your control over him or her can be easily undermined. Even if there is a problematic employee and you are not aware of it, the effect can be really lethal. You may soon come across various situations where the productivity hits bottom rocks, accountability gets reduced and slowly the problem behavior like a virus spreads to others.

How do you lose the respect?

It is not easy to digest the fact that you are least respected in the office. Frankly, there could be multiple reasons for this and it could come down to you or to some other individuals/factors. For example, a particular employee may hold a grudge against you for not recommending his or her name for oversees project or promotion, or it could be because you gave his or her performance review as unsatisfactory. If these are not the reason, then the time has come for you to swallow the bitter pill which is that your management methodologies are not perceived as a good source of inspiration.

Of course, you don’t have to be an ogre or a dictator to lose the respect of your employees. Failing to throw your attention to  employees who are stressed, ignoring the fact that employees need the required training and product knowledge, having favorites, etc are all the necessary criteria that can alienate an employee. As it further expands, this employee will decide you are not worth to get his or her respect anymore. Now this is where the cracks appear and gets widen.

Possible Signs

If a noticeable pattern like talking back from your employees, slack off in the work, avoiding deadlines, etc are common, then signs are you have got a situation in your hand. Of course, there could be various reasons for this, however, once they assume that they can easily get away from such attitudes, it clearly indicates that you have lost their respect.

How to Win Back The Respect of Your Employees

● Acknowledge:- The best medicine is to acknowledge the particular problem. Try to use one to one or group meetings to show that you are aware of their problem and are ready to make some adjustments. Be prepared and open for all kinds of hard discussions and make sure to take feedback. Of course, it may be hard to listen, but it would show that you have a character to listen and understand.

● Gauge:- After the first step, which is acknowledging the problem, the next step is to know the extent of the problem. Now if you have a mentor or a trusted employee, get them to access the nature of the issue and assess how bad the situation is. Get their inputs on how to turn the things around

● Plan:- Present the plan that you have procured by you on how things are going to change around the work space. Lay out the ground rules for them as well as you. Take into account on what you can do to get more respect. And, most important of all show respect to each other. You could give more frequent face time to your employees, empower and motivate them through various delegations of key tasks, etc. 

● Clear Expectations:- Clearly explain on what you expect in return from your employees. Make sure to inform them that continuous poor performance and disrespect will lead to disciplinary action.  

● Follow Through:- Always give time to your employees to improve and come out of their shell. Remember, there are no quick fixes and make sure to conduct constant reviews and meetings with your employees and superiors to get hold and understand the process.

Follow these steps and you can see some changes in the attitude of your employees. You will get the required respect and see a gradual upliftment in the productivity of employees.