Game Apps to Keep the Brain Sharp

The brain needs a constant workout. Just like a knife, the brain becomes ‘blunt’ as you age. There are things you can do to keep the brain working though. You need to constantly challenge it so it won’t go stale. Reading is a good brain exercise. It widens your vocabulary and keeps you thinking. Solving math problems is good for the brain, too. It keeps it sharp as you analyze patterns and formula. Not everybody is fond of reading, though and solving math problems is not everybody’s idea of a good time. So, what are you to do? There are apps you can install in your mobile device that can provide your brain with a good work out. There is one that’s bound to be enjoyable for you.

Words with Friends – There are two players per game. It’s very similar to Scrabble where you put words on a board using the seven letters you have. You will increase your vocabulary by playing Words with Friends regularly. You will also develop skills like defensive playing wherein you prevent your opponent from using premium spots on the board. Like most social games online, your opponent in Words with Friends is a live person. It could be somebody you know that you invite to play or someone you will meet online. Due to the immense popularity of the game, you will meet opponents from different parts of the world. You can chat while playing and this will help you hone your communication skill.

Ruzzle – This is a two player game as well. Given two minutes, you’re supposed to find words from a 4x4 block of random letters. To submit a playable word, the letters should be connected. Ruzzle is not for the faint of heart. There are similar games to Ruzzle like Scramble with Friends but what makes it tougher is you cannot pause the game. You have to give it your full focus for the entire two minutes or you will lose. This game will hone your concentration which is a very important skill. Ruzzle allows chatting too but, per experience, chatting is not conducive to games that end quickly.

QuizUp  – If you love Trivia, you’ll love QuizUp. There are lots of topics to choose from; educational, geography, history, literature, business, TV and many more. What’s fun with QuizUp is most questions are current so if you want to master the game, you would need to update yourself from current events to the latest internet lingo. You can play it with your Facebook friends or with someone the app matches you with. There are other trivia games like Trivie and Quizboard. Like QuizUp, they are all social games where you get to chat with your opponents.

Sudoku – Sudoku is for those who love mathematical challenges. On a 9x9 grid, you’re supposed to arrange the digits 1 to 9. Each column, each row and each of the 3x3 sub grids should have all the digits 1 to 9. It can be very difficult especially if you’re not very good in math or have little patience with it. Sodoku is a very good workout for the brain.

On your next free time, or if you need to a break from your routine, give these games a try. Aside from the social aspect, these games provide your brain with good exercise, keeping it sharp for longer.