How To Generate a Massive Buzz On Social Media

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Is your social media campaign running cold and dry?

Social media is an essential tool for businesses that want to establish their brand online. Popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are portals that companies can use to directly communicate with their audience and customers.

Unfortunately, building a strong presence can be a long and difficult process. Many businesses fail to bridge the gap between the needs of their audience and the content they want to deliver. Furthermore, some companies lack the technical knowledge in using social media to its full potential. 

Below are tips for generating buzz, which can be used to take your social media campaign to new heights.

Formulate a Solid Strategy Using Analytics and Data

Your social media campaign needs a plan. The basic components of a social media plan include goals, content, and execution. Research your target audience and know what type of content they want to see on social media. Don’t be limited to just one type of content; you need a variety of articles, photos, videos and comments.

When it comes to execution, use analytics to determine when your target demographic browses their preferred social media platform. This is when you want to push your content out. Additionally, this is also the time you want to engage your followers, since they are on and active.

A big mistake that companies make is over automation. People that sense this can easily get turned off by your campaign. Throw in a couple of random status updates to make your campaign less predictable. Don’t forget to talk to your followers and reply to comments.

Generating Buzz Through Sharing

Sharing content is an effective way to generate buzz. Consider sharing your followers’ content as well. In order make sure you’re sharing the right content, go through websites such as Digg and Delicious and do a quick search for content that is getting a lot of attention and shares.

Introducing content is crucial for maximizing buzz. A short controversial line before the link for tweets is highly effective. You should also apply relevant hash tags and mentions to boost the reach of your content. If you’re unsure about which hash tags you should be using, run a search on

Engage The Comment Section

Once people start commenting on your posts, you need to reply. Comments can encourage other viewers to jump in and say something about the post. Viral content usually has thousands of comments. You don’t need to reply to every single comment. You only need to engage users enough to get the ball rolling for other people to start leaving their own ideas and thoughts.

To conclude, a little research can go along way when boosting your social media activities. Leave nothing to chance by doing a simple check on the information you need. Lastly, keep your content personal and direct. This can help viewers accept and absorb the concept of your content quickly.

What are some of your favorite ways to generate buzz on social media? Let us know what you think.




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